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Banking in the Netherlands

An important factor in relocating to the Netherlands is how the local Dutch financial, banking system works. For many internationals the lack of credit card acceptance surprises for instance. Or, the fact that so much banking is in fact done online or via automatic debit. The answers to these, and many other bank, payment related issues can be found in the questions below.

What is a BSN? Am I required to get one?

Will my driving licence be valid?

Which insurances are most important in the Netherlands?

Is there any insurance that applies to me as a student?

Can I take my pet with me on the passenger's cabin?

Do I need to register my pet in the Netherlands? And are there any costs involved?

Should I clean up after my dog?

I find it difficult and expensive to park my car in many major cities. Is there a way for me to park my car easier and cheaper?

How does the OV-chipkaart work?

What types of OV-chipkaart are there?

Can I travel by public transport if I don't have an OV-chipkaart?

How can I find out which tram, bus or train I need and the departure times?

It seems that everybody is biking in the Netherlands. Where can I buy a bike for myself?

What kinds of bikes are available?

I have hardly any knowledge of biking. How can I learn to bike?

Are there any special traffic rules for cyclists?

What is the minimum age to ride a moped in the Netherlands?

Are there any special traffic rules for mopeds?

How can I open a bank account?

What are the requirements to open up a bank account?

What are the accounts and services offered by banks?

How does a current account operate?

What if I want to use my PIN card abroad?

What if I have lost my PIN card or had it stolen?

What is a contactless payment?

Are contactless payments secure?

Are credit cards issued by banks to all customers?

How easy is it to pay using my credit card in the Netherlands?

What is internetbankieren (internet banking) and how to use it?

How can I access my bank details using mobile devices?

What is the currency in the Netherlands?

Can you explain the numbering conventions used in the Netherlands?

How to exchange foreign money in the Netherlands?

What is an acceptgiro?

Can I directly invest money in the stock exchange?

What types of loans are available?

Can you give me an overview of the Dutch tax system?

What taxes will I have to pay in the Netherlands?

What types of indirect taxes are there in the Netherlands?

What dates does the tax year cover in the Netherlands and when do I need to provide a tax return?

How can I get help with my tax return?

How do I know if I must pay income tax?

How do I submit my tax return?

Can I claim any tax benefits against my declared income?

What about my savings and investments? Do I have to transfer them to the Netherlands?

When does the 30% ruling end?

Do I need to pay taxes if I bring my own vehicle to the Netherlands?

What is the bpm?

Who administers the social security schemes in the Netherlands?

Who is covered by the Dutch social insurance system?

What social security benefits are available in the Netherlands?

If I claim social security benefits, will it affect my residence permits?

What types of relationship contracts are there in the Netherlands for couples?

What is the Dutch law on matrimonial property?

What is the difference between marriage and registered partnership?

What are the steps to be followed and the costs to get married in the Netherlands?

What are the requirements to get married in the Netherlands?

My partner and I would like to have a religious marriage. What are the steps involved?

What is the applicable law in a divorce proceeding between spouses of different nationalities?

What is the jurisdiction of the Dutch Court in case of a divorce?

What do we need to do to legally get divorced?

Who should take care of the children in case of divorce?

What are the legal aspects to take into account when registering a death in the Netherlands?

Which documents are needed for registering a death?

What to do in order to repatriate the body of a family member?

Do I need to make a Dutch will whilst I live here or is the will I made in my home country valid?

May I disinherit my child or my partner in my will?

Which law of inheritance is valid if my partner or I should die during our stay in the Netherlands? The Dutch law or the law of my home country?

In the absence of a will, who inherits under the Dutch inheritance law?

Who would take care of the children if something were to happen to both parents?

Do I need a residence permit to live and/or work in the Netherlands?

Should I buy or rent a house or apartment in the Netherlands?

I want to rent or buy a property. Can you advise me how to find one?

What is the difference between a short-stay apartment and a hotel room?

How can I find a student room?

Which neighbourhoods are popular for expats?

How can I avoid scams when looking for a rental property?

What are the standard practices for renting via a makelaar (real estate agent)?

What is the process of finalising the deal while renting a property?

How about taking possession?

I have rented a house and some repairs are needed. Who is responsible for this: the landlord or I?

What should I do when I want to hand the property back to the landlord?

I have some issues and contract disputes with my landlord on the room/house that I am renting. Can ACCESS provide me with some legal advice or is there a legal authority that I can go to or consult regarding these issues?

I have signed my rental contract but I realise only now that some things in the contract are not fair. What can I do about it?

The contract is in my partner’s name and she/he is leaving the Netherlands. May I continue living in the house?

How can I get water, electricity and gas connections?

How can I get connected to telephone, Internet and TV?

Are there any special rules for collecting household waste?

What factors should I take into account before buying a house or apartment?

What costs are involved in buying a house or apartment?

What other costs should I consider before buying a house in Netherlands?

Which process should I follow when buying a house?

Is it compulsory to have a written contract to buy a house or is a verbal agreement binding as well in the Netherlands?

I have made an offer and signed a ‘contract of sale’ for a house. Can I still withdraw the offer?

I am considering buying an apartment. I have heard that I will become a member of a VvE (Vereniging van Eigenaren, Association of Owners). Can you explain what this is and what they do?

What does a notary do in the Netherlands?

What legal services does a notary provide?

How much do I pay for a notary service?

What is the difference between the private market and the social housing market for rental properties?

How can I get a huurtoeslag?

What insurances are compulsory for my home?

Should I consider taking out additional insurances for my home and my possessions?

How do I get a loan for buying an apartment or a house?

Are there restrictions on how much I can borrow for my mortgage?

What are the types of mortgages available in the Netherlands?

How can I decide which mortgage is best for me?

How is the interest on my mortgage calculated?

What type of information is required when getting a mortgage?

When do I start to repay my mortgage?

What happens if I find that I can no longer afford to pay my mortgage?

Can you tell me the most important things about Dutch etiquette?

Are there any Dutch traditions I should know about?

What are the public holidays in the Netherlands?

What kinds of childcare are available in the Netherlands?

How much does day care cost and can I get help with its cost?

I am in need of a nanny/babysitter/childminder/au pair for my children. Can you suggest some options for me?

How much does baby-sitting cost in the Netherlands?

Are there any groups or organisations for expats in the Netherlands?

How can I make my international calls cheaper?

I am travelling on a regular basis to my home country. How can I use my mobile phone both in the Netherlands and in my home country?

Can I use my mobile phone in my car?

How can I find a doctor that speaks my language (no English-speaking)?

How can I contact my huisarts (GP) outside normal opening hours?

I am dissatisfied with my huisarts. Can I change to another huisarts?

I want to see a medical specialist. How can I arrange that?

I want to go to a medical specialist but my GP does not want to give me a referral. Can I visit a medical specialist without a referral?

How can I contact my dentist outside normal opening hours?

What kind of accommodation and facilities can I expect when I need hospitalisation?

Is hospitalisation covered by my insurance?

Can I go to the accident and emergency department in a hospital without referral?

What should I do in case of emergency?

How can I call an ambulance?

In my home country, my doctor prescribed me some medicine. How can I get this medicine in the Netherlands?

I would like to have additional shots for my child or for myself that are not standard in the Netherlands. How can I arrange this?

Where can I find help for mental health problems?

Can I get mental health treatments reimbursed?

I am pregnant and will be giving birth in the Netherlands. What practical preparations do I need to make?

Can you please tell me what services I can expect from a midwife?

Which prenatal tests are usually carried out in the Netherlands?

Should I follow a prenatal course?

Where can I learn more about breastfeeding?

Which are the options for delivering a baby in the Netherlands?

What will happen if I choose to give birth at home?

Can I choose to give birth in a hospital?

Will I be able to get pain relief?

What is kraamzorg?

What is the role of a kraamverzorgende (maternity nurse)?

How much will the kraamzorg cost me?

What is a 'doula' and what can she help me with?

What check-ups will be done after the birth of my baby?

What does a consultatiebureau (child health clinic) do?

When do I need to register my child to the consultatiebureau (child health clinic)?

What maternity leave am I entitled to?

What other leaves-of-absence from work are there relating to my children?

How can I get kindersbijslag (child benefit) and how does it work?

Which documents should I bring to register the birth of my newborn child?

Which surname can I choose for my child?

Is my baby going to be insured automatically after birth?

Do I need to make a will or change it upon the birth of my child?

I am going to have a baby in the Netherlands. Will my child have Dutch nationality?

I want to travel with my baby. Does he/she need a passport?

What is included in the basic Dutch health insurance package?

Are there different health insurance policies? And what is the difference?

Is dental healthcare covered by the insurance?

Can I get additional coverage for my health insurance?

How will my children be insured?

Do I need to take out Dutch health insurance if I am on a short-term stay?

If I don’t have a Dutch health insurance policy yet, is there a way to get my medical costs reimbursed?

I just took out a Dutch health insurance policy but now the insurance company wants me to pay the premium for a few months retrospectively. Can they do that?

What will happen if I don’t take out Dutch health insurance?

Is there a deductible (eigen risico)?

Can I use my Dutch health insurance abroad?

My residence permit has expired and my application to renew it has been rejected. Can I still get medical help here?

What is a basic Dutch health insurance?

Do I need to take out a Dutch health insurance if I am studying?

I will be relocating to the Netherlands or I am new to the Netherlands and have yet to find work. I don’t speak Dutch and would be happy to receive any advice from you with regards to employment possibilities and opportunities in the Netherlands.

Where can I find information about international jobs in the Netherlands?

What kind of CV and cover letter is customary to support job applications in the Netherlands?

What steps should I take to prepare myself for my interview?

Where can I find job openings for students?

How can I find an internship?

Will I be paid during my internship?

Do I need a work permit to work in the Netherlands?

Does Dutch employment law apply to me?

What is a CAO (collective labour agreement)?

I want to know whether or not the employers in the Netherlands are obliged to pay a majority of the employee’s travel to work expenses, and if they're not, is there a way I can claim it back in taxes?

What are my legal rights and obligations when I have a permanent employment contract?

What are my legal rights and obligations when I have an employment contract with an employment agency?

I have some legal issues with my employment contract. Where can I get a legal assistance?

What are the official public holidays in the Netherlands?

What vacations am I entitled to in the Netherlands?

I receive unemployment benefits from my own country. How do I maintain this once I move to the Netherlands?

What are the requirements to be eligible for unemployment benefits?

What is the procedure for claiming unemployment benefits?

What is the transitievergoeding (transition compensation)? And do I qualify for it?

What type of benefit is available if I don’t have any revenue/income?

What kind of benefit is available if I become ill?

What kind of benefit is available if I remain ill for a long time?

What is the pension age in the Netherlands and who is entitled?

Can you give me some key insights into Dutch business culture?

I am planning to stay here for a long time. Should I send my children to a Dutch or an international school?

I have a 14 year old daughter who is coming to live with me in the Netherlands. She does not speak any Dutch. Therefore, can you recommend a Dutch state school where my daughter can learn the language as well as being taught the normal academic subjects?

What are the principle aims of Dutch primary school education and what subjects will my child be taught?

I want to raise my children bilingually. Are there any Dutch schools that teach (partly) in English?

If I send my children to an international school, what kind of diploma will they have when they have finished secondary school?

Do all international schools teach in English?

What are the options for my child’s secondary and higher education options in Dutch schools and universities?

I am moving to the Netherlands soon. I am considering home schooling for my children. Is this allowed in the Netherlands?

Who is the leerplichtambtenaar and why did I get a letter from this person?

My child has been diagnosed with a learning or behavioural difficulty/physical handicap. Are there any schools here in the Netherlands that cater specifically for children with special needs and how can I find one?

What kind of after school/leisure activities are available in English in the Netherlands?

I gained my diploma in another country. How can I evaluate and/or have it recognised in the Netherlands?

How does it work once I have a residence permit for studies purpose?

Is it possible to get financial support if I undertake further study in the Netherlands?

I would like to do a study or a short course that is not available in English. However, my Dutch is still at a low level. What can I do?

I would like to study online. Is that possible in the Netherlands?

Are there any facilities for students with special needs (disability, chronic illness)?

What is the inburgeringsexamen and who has to take it?

What are the different types of civic integration exams?

What skills will I be tested on during the integration examination?

Where can I attend an Inburgering course?

I am an expat. Are there any government subsidised Dutch language courses available?

Is it important to learn Dutch? I am in doubt as to whether I should learn Dutch as everyone here seems to speak English.

What is the most effective way for me to learn Dutch? I am not a natural linguist, so I might find it hard to learn Dutch.

It is not compulsory for me to learn Dutch but I would like to learn it. Can you suggest some good language institutes and learning centres for me?

Who can attend classes at a volksuniversiteit?

Can I teach myself Dutch?

Is there any organisation that can help me practice my Dutch and help me feel at home?

I want my children to learn Dutch. How can I arrange that?

Do I need to deregister with the municipality before I leave the Netherlands?

What happens to my DigiD? Does everything get deactivated?

I have left before deregistering with the municipality - What should I do?

I have a Dutch bank account. Do I need to close it before I leave?

What should I do with my Dutch car?

What do I need to do with my rental property when I leave?

What options do I have with property that I own?

How do I sort out my utilities commitments before I leave?

How do I end my Dutch telephone contract agreements

How do I end my TV/internet contract agreements?

What should I do with things I can’t sell?

Who should I contact for help with moving house?

How do I sort out my tax situation?

As I am now leaving the Netherlands, can I get a tax rebate?

The country that I am moving to requires me to provide a translation of official documents which are in Dutch (birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.). How do I do this?

For how long does my passport need to be valid for me to be able to leave and enter another country?

Will I still receive social security benefits when I leave the country?

I have Dutch health insurance. Will I still be covered once I have left the Netherlands?

Where can I find out about opportunities to do useful voluntary work or join social clubs?

What kind of volunteer work is available in the Netherlands?

Are there also volunteering opportunities if I can’t commit for a longer term?

Do I need a work permit in order to volunteer?

If I get a small fee for my volunteer work, is this tax free?

List of useful numbers in the Netherlands

How can I build a social life in the Netherlands?

As a foreigner, am I entitled to start a business in the Netherlands?

Can I renew a residence permit for entrepreneurs?

What issues should I consider in order to set up and develop a business?

What are the fundamental requirements that I will need to comply with in starting a business?

How can I choose the legal form or business structure for my company?

Are there any entities that can give support for starting a business?

What taxes do I have to pay for an incorporated business structure?

What kinds of financial support for starters is available in the Netherlands?

What insurances should I consider as a self-employed professional?

How do I terminate/dissolve my company?

What are the steps to start my own business in the Netherlands?

My employer doesn’t offer any pensions. How can I arrange a pension myself?

Are the costs for giving birth covered by my Dutch health insurance?

How do I use my PIN card?

What is IBAN?

What is PSD2?

Can I pay in a shop by using my mobile phone?

What is iDeal?

What are the types of housing in the Netherlands?

I have recently moved to the Netherlands and I don't have a BSN number. Is it possible to have health insurance without a BSN number?

Can I be evicted if I lose my job?

What should I do if my temporary lease ends due to Covid-19?

I have a Dutch health insurance and would like to change to another insurance company. How can I arrange this?

I am temporarily immobile. How can I arrange help?

How is the Dutch pension system set up?

What will happen to the pension rights I have built up?

How can I arrange a parking space lot near my house?

How are parking spaces lots organised in the Netherlands?

Which municipal taxes do I have to pay?

What to do when I hear the sirens?

How does the Dutch school system work?

My daughter is in group 8 of a Dutch primary school. She is capable of the HAVO or VWO track in secondary school, but her Dutch is insufficient for this level. What options are available?

What can I do when I am dissatisfied with the medical specialist?

Can I open a bank account without a Burger Service Nummer (BSN)?

Can I open a bank account without having a Burgerservice nummer (BSN)?

Will my partner receive any pension when I have passed away

Do you have a partner but is he/she not officially registered as partner?

How can I avoid scams?

I have heard employees receive a holiday allowance. How much do I get and when?

What should I do when I am ill and unable to work?

Which formalities are needed when I move within the Netherlands?

I am going to leave the Netherlands. Do I have to pay local taxes for the full year?

My landlord doesn’t maintain the house properly. What can I do?

What is the difference between an internship and a traineeship?