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Relocating to the Netherlands

Whether this is your first, third or tenth move, relocating to a new country will always mean: many questions. From how the banking or taxation systems work in the Netherlands, to what to expect in your first three months or what the rules about pets may be in Holland, the questions and answers below will help.  Everyday living may well differ from your own home, or where you have relocated from. But, with answers to the most frequently asked questions from internationals living in the Netherlands, we hope to ease your arrival and settlement in the country.

We are indebted to, and appreciative of the efforts of many volunteers – past and present – who work on researching the answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive about relocating to and living in Holland/the Netherlands; and our partners who double check our research.

For the most recent review/update of FAQs related to Relocating to the Netherlands we thank: ACCESS Volunteers – Satabdi Lahiri, Anne Stottrup, Vinod Colaco, and Julija Bogoeva, and ACCESS Partners – ABN AMRO, Legal Expat Desk, Moynihan Consulting, and Wilfred Assink of The Hague International Centre