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Relocating to the Netherlands

Whether this is your first, third or tenth move, relocation to a new country will always mean many questions. From how the banking or taxation systems work in the Netherlands, to what to expect in your first three months or what the rules about social security may be in Holland. The questions and answers below will help.  Everyday living may well differ from your own home, or where you have relocated from. But, with answers to the most frequently asked questions from internationals living in the Netherlands, we hope to ease your relocation, arrival and settlement in the country.

Banking: questions such as opening a bank account, using your bank credit card in the Netherlands, applying for a loan and doing various financial operations.

Social security and benefits: describes types of Dutch social insurances, coverage and eligibility for social security benefits.

First three months: explains numerous formalities such as arranging needed documentation upon arrival, registering with your  municipality, receiving your BSN number and using your driver’s licence. It also lists practical information for students, covers emergency and other useful phone numbers in the Netherlands and gives an extensive overview on how to bring and register your pet. Last but not least, some tips about  on transportation in the Netherlands by means of car, public transportation, bike and moped.

Legal matters: outlines some rules and procedures for divorce, marriage or registered partnership, immigration, death registration and drawing up a will in the Netherlands.

Tax: an overview of the Dutch tax system by describing which taxes you need to pay, types of taxes, how and when to submit your tax return, requirements for claiming benefits and qualifying for the 30% tax ruling.