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Meet the Trainers

The ACCESS Training Network (ATN) is a diverse group of professionals serving the international community in the Netherlands. They support internationals and their families’ transition to life in a new country, offering training and coaching in a wide range of topics using different approaches and methods, such as workshops and group trainings as well as individual sessions. All their services are available in English as well as other languages, and many are personally familiar with the relocation experience.

They cover areas such as:

• Career development
• Childbirth Preparation
• Cross-cultural understanding
• First aid
• Higher education & career guidance for young adults
• Holistic health
• Language & communication
• Life transition
• Neurodiversity
• Parenting

You can find more about each member below.

Interested in joing our ACCESS Training Network (ATN)? More information can be found here.


Beatriz Laus

Discover how to integrate the logical and the creative parts of your brain and get your emotions mapped and balanced.

Making use of art as a catalyst for understanding and accepting your life, your emotions and yourself. In each encounter we will deal with one subject as pleasure, anger, gratitude, and so on. Beatriz is passionate about art, she holds a bachelor degree in Art Therapies, gives art talks, creative development course and has a health practice and art studio in Voorschoten near The Hague. She has been working longer than 10 years in Netherlands and comes originally from Brazil.
You can work with her at her practice individually or in groups and online.


Rawia Liverpool

Rawia works with people who are going through a big life-changing situation, or who feel stuck, anxious, afraid or overwhelmed. She also supports those who lack assertion, self-esteem and self-confidence or those having communication and relationship issues. Rawia supports her clients to gain awareness of the patterns from their life experiences that are impacting their current situations. This awareness is key for enabling positive change.

Rawia is a certified Transactional Analysis counsellor and an NLP Master Practitioner. She is based in The Hague. She offers individual consultations online and in-person in English. She also speaks Arabic and Dutch.

Being mixed race, and someone who has dealt with and overcome experiences of racism and discrimination, Rawia is well-equipped to support others who experience similar challenges.

She is passionate about supporting people in overcoming obstacles that they perceive to be holding them back, so that they can live to the best of their potential and lead a happy and fulfilled life.

You can learn more about Rawia by visiting her website (link above) or social media profiles:





Hi, I’m Johanne Bade, and I help moms in business create more confidence and clarity. So they can grow businesses that energize them and are aligned with their ideal lives! If you recognize yourself in any of these, then I can help!

  • Having lots of ideas and projects but having difficulty focusing on one
  • Feeling overwhelmed by the many choices and things to do in your business
  • Being tired of the lack of clarity as to what you’re doing and where you’re going
  • Struggling with finding the right balance between work and family
  • Done with going it alone and ready to get some support and guidance
  • Not seeing the results you want but not knowing what you’re doing wrong

My approach is super practical, personal and fun 🤗 Yes, I share theory and tools, but my main focus is making sure you’re applying what you’re learning! If you’d like to connect and see if I can support you can book an informal clarity call so we can get to know each other a bit better.

Want to learn more about me and get a feel for what I do? You can read about me, come join the FaceBook Community or check me out on Instagram.

Looking forward to supporting you create more clarity and confidence in a business that works for you!

Janet Rodenburg

Certified Career Coach & personal development, The greater Utrecht area

Janet is a native Dutch with a professional background in anthropology (PhD) and international humanitarian assistance. She lived and worked abroad for prolonged periods. In her coaching you will investigate your life story and how it has formed you into the person you are today. You will look into your inventory of knowledge, experience and qualities. By dismantling any limiting beliefs about yourself you will (re)discover your drives, talents and interests, and what (type of) job would suit you. Janet coaches in English, Dutch, Danish or Indonesian. Know more here 

Read more about Janet’s professional background here

Colleen Reichrath

I teach you how to navigate your professional path in a world that is changing at an unprecedented rate and providing both unprecedented opportunity along with new challenges for how to find your way forward. A certified career development facilitator,  I successfully took my career on an international adventure from Canada to the Netherlands in 2005. I love to help people find what’s next for their career.

Angela Fusaro

Angela Fusaro is a Career Consultant with a background in Psychology and several years of experience in Human Resources Management. Angela is on a mission to help women relaunch their career after having children. Did you take a break from work to look after your little ones and now want to restart your career? Angela will help you regain confidence in your skills, rebrand your profile (CV & LinkedIn) after a career break, navigate the Dutch job market, boost your job search and prepare for your next interview.

Teresa Moynihan

Career Transition Consultant, Coach And Trainer

The greater Hague area

With more than 10 years’ experience in providing career transition and talent development programmes in the Netherlands, Teresa has provided services to international organisations, the non-profit and education sectors, as well as with expatriate professionals and dual career partners. She has a passion for guiding people who are going through a career transition by helping them to recognise and optimise their own talents, and give them confidence to take the next steps. She is known to be approachable, professional and discreet with a flexible and personable approach.

Originally from Ireland, Teresa has lived and worked in the Netherlands for 30 years. Her expertise is complimented with extensive experience in HR and Training & Development from her earlier career, fulfilling key roles throughout a full company life-cycle. Professional qualifications: Licensed and Certified Career Coach (training accredited by the Association of Coaching); Post-grad qualification in Career and Talent Management (Kingston University, UK); Certified Systemic Team Coach (Academy of Executive Coaching, UK); Licensed to run Psychometric Assessments (accredited by the British and European Psychologists’ associations); Certified and licensed Balance™ Coach.

Read more about Teresa’s Career Transition here and Job Search coaching here


Natália Leal

Empowering expats & multi-cultural teams to be more successful, confident & happier.

Feeling lost, stuck, overwhelmed, on automatic pilot, or simply not sure where to go next on your personal life or career?

Natália Leal | Coach and Trainer’s mission is to empower individuals and organisations to achieve their full potential. We offer tailor-made coaching paths for open-minded internationals – including expats and their partners, executives and anyone looking for professional and/or personal development. Your needs and goals are unique, and your learning journey towards greater wellbeing and performance should reflect that!

With almost 20 years’ experience across different countries and sectors, Natália combines tools from Positive Psychology, CBT, career design, neurosciences and coaching to create coaching journeys that fit YOU. Based near Utrecht but with an international reach, other services include group training and workshops especially in the areas of wellbeing and performance, including resilience, character strengths, negotiations, career planning, strategy- and goal-setting, and just being happier!

A former Chief Executive of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), Natália holds a PhD in International Relations, a Master in Sociology, and a specialisation in Positive Psychology; she is also a lecturer at the Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences and volunteers in different networks and organisations (Rotary Club, Repair Café, mentoring). Natália is originally Portuguese but has lived in the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands, and travelled around the world. She works mostly in English, but also speaks Portuguese, French, some Spanish, and a little Dutch and Italian.

Read more about Natália’s story here and see a full CV in her LinkedIn page.

To schedule a free Discovery Call with Natália click here or email

Truus Gale

Experienced Midwife and Prenatal Coach, Childbirth preparation


Truus has over 25 years experience in Dutch midwifery and related areas. She holds a Dutch equivalent of a BA in Educational Sciences from Amsterdam University and graduated from Amsterdam Midwifery College in 1988. Truus has been an ACCESS trainer since 2005, specialised in prenatal individual or group information sessions for expat couples expecting a baby in the Netherlands.

Meida van Baal

Certified Doula, Maternity Nurse and Childbirth Educator

Meida has been raised and educated in California. After earning her Bachelor of Nursing degree, she moved to the Netherlands with her husband and intensively learned Dutch. She started working as a float nurse at various academic hospitals in Amsterdam. Labor and delivery was always her interest, so when she was accepted to work on an Obstetric and Gynecology ward in Amstelveen, she was thrilled. Her husband’s job took her unexpectedly abroad for many years, and it wasn’t until they returned to the Netherlands that she picked up her career again. She did not return to clinical nursing, because she saw a need in helping internationals adjust to being pregnant and having a baby in the Netherlands. She have worked two years with a maternity organization before expanding her doula business to include kraamzorg services. She is presently the owner of Mitera & Co., which serves expectant families in The Hague and its surrounding areas, providing new families the one-on-one emotional and physical support during pregnancy, birth and the week after. In 2020, she will be one of two new childbirth educators for the courses in The Hague.

Maggie Bijl

Maggie was born on Earth Day— April 22nd, 1980 in the Midwestern United States.

She is a true Taurus: reliable, practical, ambitious and fiercely loyal. She is a mom of two beautiful boys, who’s births changed her path and purpose.
Maggie is an experienced yoga teacher with a passion for helping women feel educated and confident throughout pregnancy, birth, postpartum and well into motherhood. Maggie works with women and families in the comfort of their own homes, yoga studios, chiropractic offices, birth centers, and in hospitals. She is a certified, trained and experienced Natural Fertility, Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Teacher, Birth Doula and Childbirth Educator with a speciality in Pelvic Health. Maggie has studied and worked in the midwestern United States, Maui, Hawaii and the Netherlands.


Chitra Natarajan

Childbirth Educator – HypnoBirthing®& Lamaze™

Chitra is a certified HypnoBirthing practitioner and Lamaze Ceritified Childbirth Educator. she enjoys her role as someone who can support, help and guide a family during pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and Post partum. Chitra is currently in the process of completing Hypno Fertility Educator certificate through HypnoBirthing Institute.

Caitríona Rush

Enabling businesses and individuals become more effective & successful when working, living and doing business across cultures

Whether you’re recently arrived to The Netherlands or have been here for some time I can make your life easier, happier and more effective. Whether you have a job or want to work here, I can empower you to become more successful when working with different cultures. Living and working away from home is exciting and fun. But it can also be challenging and frustrating. I will help you navigate the waters of the Dutch culture. I can teach you about Dutch norms and values be they in the workplace, at home, in the supermarket or the playground. And most important I will provide you with practical, simple to use tools, tips and skills to become more effective when communicating and interacting with the Dutch on all levels. If you’d like to know more about what I do and how I do it please feel free to call me on +31 (0)6 81 3 988 or email at the address listed above. View her flyer here.

Linda Bosma-Malley

Linda Bosma-Malley trained as a Registered General Nurse in the UK, specialising in Paediatrics. Originally from England, Linda moved to the Netherlands in 1993 where she lives with her Dutch husband and three grown children. Having worked in Neurology as a nurse in the Netherlands and as a First Aid Trainer during her family’s time in South Africa, Linda understands the importance of providing people with the skills and confidence to respond effectively to accidents or sudden illness. Linda is a registered and certified First Aid Trainer, qualified to teach and assess a full range of first aid courses. She has been providing first aid courses in and around The Hague since 2008 for adults and teenagers from a wide variety of organisations, including schools, day care centres, sporting clubs, scout groups, community and parenting groups. Linda is passionate about teaching people the necessary skills that can make the difference when it really counts.

Caroline van den Bogaard

Career Transitions / Leadership Development / Intercultural Training

– Developing International Careers –
Caroline is a Career Coach and Organizational Psychologist specialized in Career Transition Coaching, Occupational and Behavioral Assessments, Career Development and Intercultural Training for Expats in the Netherlands.

Sandra Delgado Quist

Homeopath & Reiki Practitioner

The Hague & Dordrecht

Originally from Texas in the USA, I lived in Bahrain for a few years and The Netherlands since 2010. I developed a passion for natural medicine while living abroad and experiencing my own illness that was overcome with the use of homeopathy. I couldn’t believe just one small pill was so effective and without side effects. I decided to find out more about how it works and enjoyed it so much that I ended up studying for 5 years to earn my advanced diploma in Homeopathy. At the same time, my Reiki practice was growing and I received my teaching certificate in 2014. I enjoy helping people with homeopathy and reiki but just as importantly, teaching them how to use it for themselves and their families. Many of my clients often decide to try natural medicine out of desperation, having tried various approaches without success. Homeopathy and reiki work on the physical and energetic aspects of the body to help reduce or eliminate pain, provide mental clarity and create balance in the body. Some examples of illnesses that can be treated include menopause, stress, physical pain, eczema, migraines, anxiety and so much more.

I teach Jikiden Reiki levels 1 and 2 and offer basic introduction to homeopathy for first aid. If you are interested in finding out whether one of these treatments could help you, I am happy to schedule a 20 minute chat to answer your questions about natural medicine. I hope to meet you in the future.

Marie Dewulf

Wherever you are, you deserve a career that suits you

Welcome! As a career clarity coach, I’m passionate about helping people find a job, change jobs or get more out of their job. I help them to get clarity on who they are, what do they want professionally and how to get it, so that they are crystal clear on the roles that they are aiming for. And as a result, talk confidently about themselves with more impact to secure their success. Ready to start? Book your free discovery session – I coach in English, French & Dutch.

Belgian by birth, a curious global nomad at heart, and a career coach by choice. I started my company in 2005 after having personally experienced several career changes myself due to numerous moves abroad. I combine my analytic-reflective approach from my master’s degree in Art history & Archaeology, with the skills acquired in my several coaching accreditations. If you want to know more about me, please have a look on my website.

Ute Limacher-Riebold

Multilingual Language Consultant, Intercultural Communications Trainer

Ute Limacher-Riebold is a qualified multilingual language consultant and intercultural communications trainer.

She holds a PhD in Romance Studies and her expertise lies in verbal and non-verbal communication, bilingualism and intercultural communication (i.e. the interaction between people from different cultures).

Ute is a lifelong expat and knows about the challenges of an international life. In her workshops, trainings and consultations she combines scientific findings and personal experiences on several topics related to international life (find out about it here). Her goal is to help internationals understand the host culture and language, whilst maintaining their own languages and cultures, avoid misunderstandings and become internationally fluent.

She offers all her services in English, Deutsch, Français, Nederlands and Italiano.

Read more about Ute’s International Lounge services here.

Jacinta Noonan

Jacinta Noonan is a certified Life Coach and specialises in ADHD Coaching for adults.

She works with people in transition; those yearning for a change, but who are not sure which direction to take. Through her coaching program she helps people rediscover their passions and strengths and then helps them to craft an exciting, fresh road-map, so they can embark on a new journey that aligns with who they really are.

Jacinta is also a specialised ADHD Coach and works with adults who are struggling with feelings of overwhelm, chronic procrastination and stress. Her unique coaching program helps people bring a sense of order and stability back into their lives.

As well as her coaching certification, Jacinta also had a degree in psychology, is a certified NLP master practitioner and a qualified trainer.

Jac Rongen

Coaching with archery, Amsterdam

Jac has more than 20 years of experience in helping people deal with personal issues through archery. His method is swift and relaxed as the sessions take place in a private park.

Jac feels that the best way to deal with past pain or future anxiety is to focus on the present while learning new skills in archery. This allows one to focus on the here and now rather than on past problems in order to achieve more in the future.

Jonathon Regan

Jonathon is an ICF certified coach with 20+ years of international experience in education, leadership, innovation, training and consultancy. His mission is to support individuals and teams willing to innovate to overcome obstacles and optimise their performance for their organisations, teams, families and themselves.

He believes that in 2022, there is an unprecedented opportunity to reflect on the silver linings we found in crisis. Partnering with a professional coach is the most efficient route to success. He will help you uncover hidden values and skills you can leverage to solve problems, make better decisions and build more sustainable solutions.

Using a coaching model that draws on design thinking, Jonathon provides a space of calm and trust for all lifelong learners to explore thoughts and ideas that will result in action to keep you agile and resilient in future uncertainty.

If you are interested in discovering your post-pandemic superpowers, reach out by email, connect on Linkedin or read more here.

Karin Holley (L) Alison Bradshaw (R) and are educational counsellors with extensive experience in international education.

We offer bespoke support to educational institutions, teenagers/students and their families in the following areas:

  • executive functioning skills and study skills
  • careers and university applications
  • social-emotional counselling

Parents who would like some parenting advice with their teens or advice regarding schooling are also welcome to contact us!

We believe…

  • that students’ success relies on them feeling happy with themselves and in their different environments.
  • in students (and parents) being properly informed so that they can make good choices.
  • in students getting to know themselves well so that they feel empowered to make choices that are right for them, through values and interests exploration.
  • in treating students as equals and giving them platforms where they can be heard and participate.
  • in strengths-based work and focusing on solutions and growth.
  • in fostering strategies that will promote self-compassion, resilience and healthy coping skills and habits.

About Us

Alison is an educational psychologist, teacher and careers counsellor (MA, MEd, MSc) and Karin is a school, careers counsellor and teacher (MSc in School Counselling from the USA and an international teaching degree from The Netherlands). We are both Adult Third-Culture-Kids, having mixed cultural backgrounds, having grown up “overseas” and worked internationally. We know what it’s like to move countries, transition, and we understand all the benefits and challenges that TCKs experience.

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn if you’d like to stay updated with our educational blogs and tips.

Please approach us for a free intake if you would like more information. We look forward to meeting you!

Veena Joseph (Personal & Business Transformation Coach)

We ignite transformations in people and businesses. Our vision is to help individuals explore paths of self-discovery and find their purpose. We support you unmask your inner gifts, potential, abilities into a vocation. For Small and medium sized enterprises we support you push beyond the comfortable and become organizations of purpose.

We ignite physical, mental, spiritual transformations for Expat partners, young adults, people in transition and those in a mid-life transition. We support businesses to grow and have better clarity in their business strategy, operational procedures and growth in business. We also provide smart business solutions to SME’s.

Veena is engaged as a Program manager supporting culture exchange students navigate their year in the Netherlands. She has done her Coaching Mastery certificate and is trained in Person centered counselling. To know more visit her LinkedIn page

Find out more through an exploratory session for free. Visit my website.