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Meet the Trainers

The ACCESS Training Network (ATN) is a diverse group of professionals serving the international community in the Netherlands. They support internationals and their families’ transition to life in a new country, offering training and coaching in a wide range of topics using different approaches and methods, such as workshops and group trainings as well as individual sessions. All their services are available in English as well as other languages, and many are personally familiar with the relocation experience.

They cover areas such as:

• Career development
• Childbirth Preparation
• Cross-cultural understanding
• First aid
• Higher education & career guidance for young adults
• Holistic health
• Language & communication
• Life transition
• Neurodiversity
• Parenting

You can find more about each member below.

Interested in joing our ACCESS Training Network (ATN)? More information can be found here.


Autism Career Coach and Consultant 

Kelly Lynn is an Autism Career Coach and Consultant. Throughout her career Kelly has advocated, taught, coached, and mentored children, teens, and adults on the autistic spectrum. During Kelly’s 18-year career as a teacher, therapist, mentor, and coach, she worked with hundreds of individuals throughout 13 countries, including Europe, the Middle East, SE Asia, and China.

In the past, Kelly started her own consulting business in The Netherlands and in Belgium and ran it successfully for 6,5 years where she worked with autistic children and teens.  She also opened a special needs preschool in Saudi Arabia, where she designed the classroom, chose the resources, screened potential students, assessed their needs, and designed individualized programs for each student.

Kelly has an entrepreneurial mindset, which sets her apart from others in her field. She works ‘with’ individuals on the spectrum, and values everyone’s input, communication style and the way others experience their environment.

She has created and presented training to staff globally and has a very unique perspective and highly attuned problem-solving skills.  Kelly’s formal education includes completing an MEd in Special Education (children with autism) from the University of Birmingham (UK), as well as a PgDip in Analysis and Intervention in Learning Disabilities from the University of Kent (UK).

She has recently set up a consulting company as a Career Coach where she works with autistic children (and their parents), teens and adults throughout every phase of their school, higher educational pursuits, and job search.

For adults, she can assist in analysis of job descriptions, interviewing, onboarding, and navigating the workplace. Kelly also works alongside students of all ages to support them during their educational pursuits and consults with educational institutions and companies in their hiring practices.

You can learn more about Kelly by visiting her website or social media profiles:

Website:  www.logikevolutioncom



Kelly is member of ACCESS Supportive Networks.

Baby Handling Course

Tina Naglic is a passionate and experienced Paediatric Occupational Therapist with over 15 years of experience in the field of neurological and motor development and disorders in babies and young children.

After graduating in 2007 she completed her specialisation in neurodevelopmental treatment in 2009 (Paediatric Bobath) and in 2023 (Baby Bobath). She has mainly worked with babies with neurological disorders and has given practical advice to their parents.

In 2015 she moved to the Netherlands and started working at rehabilitation centre in the paediatric department. There she completed a Sensory Integration specialisation for children in 2019.

Tina’s passion for working with babies became even stronger after she became a mother to her son in 2019 and her daughter in 2021.

During her work she has seen many children with problems connected to passive sitting and fine motor skills. These problems manifest in daily tasks and school activities such as writing, drawing and cutting with scissors. Such problems are likely to arise because children don’t get enough motor and sensory experiences in the first year of life. She has also noticed that children don’t spend enough time on the floor and in activities that can help develop their gross motor skills and their fine motor skills. Many parents unintentionally often overwhelm their children with too many different toys, which leads to a lack of motivation, and they buy accessories that hinder their child’s development. Furthermore, she has recognized that many parents in the Netherlands would like to get more information during their pregnancy about the first months with their baby. To address these, she made a pivotal decision in 2023 to start her own company BABY ON TRACK to make life easier for new parents by providing guidance, practical tips and advice.

Through personalised courses to parents and child needs, Tina guides parents on how to help their child develop right movement patterns using the Baby Handling technique. She also recommends the best equipment and toys for their baby’s first few months and give expert advice on what to look for when buying. Tina’s main aim is to help parents become confident and relaxed to give their child the best possible start in life.


Slovenian, English, Dutch and Serbo-Croatian.

You can learn more about Tina by visiting her website:



Tina is member of ACCESS Supportive Networks.

Career Clarity Coach 

Marie Dewulf is a Career Clarity Coach (CoachCoach2MoveOn).

“Using a proven framework I developed over 18 years, I help:

  • perfectionists & pleasers who feel exhausted, stressed and stuck at work
  • expats who feel lost, insecure and want to get their career back on track
  • professionals who are frustrated, bored or unmotivated get clear on what’s next

Belgian by birth, a curious global nomad at heart, and a career coach by choice. I started my company in 2005 after having personally experienced several career changes myself due to numerous moves abroad. I combine my analytic-reflective approach from my master’s degree in Art history & Archaeology, with the skills acquired in my several coaching accreditations.

I work with men and women from all over the world.  Some of my clients have worked for global corporations and institutions.

I will:

  • Listen respectfully and pay attention without being judgemental
  • Ask insightful questions that will help you gain clarity, these may sometimes be very straightforward
  • Be honest about what I am hearing
  • Challenge you to change your habits and broaden your perspective
  • Support you to face and overcome obstacles and self-limitations
  • Guide you towards more fulfilment and joy
  • Motivate you to make positive sustained changes in your life and try new things
  • Empower you to access your full potential
  • Help you grow your self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Encourage you unconditionally and celebrate your achievements
  • Keep our appointments, commitments and make it fun to work together”


Book a free discovery call in English, French or Dutch.

You can learn more about Marie by visiting her website:



Marie is member of ACCESS Supportive Networks.

Career Consultant 

Colleen Reichrath is a Career Consultant.  “As a Career Consultant I teach you how to navigate your professional path in a world that is changing at an unprecedented rate and providing both unprecedented opportunity along with new challenges for how to find your way forward. A trained international Career Consultant, certified as a Holistic Narrative Career Professional (HCNP) and co-author of the book A Career in Your Suitcase, I took my career on an international adventure from Canada to the Netherlands in 2005, successfully using my 8 years of experience in career development in my own transition. I love to help people find what’s next for their career.

Let me show you how to create and find your next career opportunity in today’s ever-changing world. I support you to re-member your story, to find your resonant voice and clarify your direction. I teach you to intentionally navigate your way through your transitions whether they are across occupational boundaries, international borders or through organizational and economic shifts, creating your unique, personally meaningful path. This wonderful world is changing and work is evolving right alongside it. Find your direction and create your place in it, making the world a better place at the same time.

In addition to 1:1 coaching via Zoom, I also provide interactive workshops like Active Career Navigation designed to teach career development skills to people who are transitioning from school to work, from work to work, and from one location to another. I engage the power of the group process in my career development workshops.

The newest additions to my services are:
– guiding COACHING HIKES in the Dutch hill country of south Limburg, providing experiences that will support your career journey
– supporting people to find their voice and use it to DARE TO CARE, a teambuilding and communication workshop from Syntropic World –
– RETIRE TO THE LIFE YOU LOVE workshop, using the book of the same name by Nell Smith

I would love to connect with you and explore how I can support your journey in a discovery call. I can be reached through LinkedIn at and via”


English and Dutch

You can learn more about Colleen by visiting her website:


Colleen is member of ACCESS Supportive Networks.

Career, Life & Executive Coach  

Natália Leal is a Career, Life and Executive Coach for Expats.  Natália empowers expats & multi-cultural teams to be more successful, confident & happier.  Feeling lost, stuck, overwhelmed, on automatic pilot, or simply not sure where to go next on your personal life or career?

Natália Leal’s Coach and Trainer’s mission is to empower individuals and organisations to achieve their full potential. We offer tailor-made coaching paths for open-minded internationals – including expats and their partners, executives and anyone looking for professional and/or personal development. Your needs and goals are unique, and your learning journey towards greater wellbeing and performance should reflect that!

With almost 20 years’ experience across different countries and sectors, Natália combines tools from Positive Psychology, CBT, career design, neurosciences and coaching to create coaching journeys that fit YOU. Based near Utrecht but with an international reach, other services include group training and workshops especially in the areas of wellbeing and performance, including resilience, character strengths, negotiations, career planning, strategy- and goal-setting, and just being happier!

A former Chief Executive of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), Natália holds a PhD in International Relations, a Master in Sociology, and a specialisation in Positive Psychology; she is also a lecturer at the Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences and volunteers in different networks and organisations (Rotary Club, Repair Café, mentoring). Natália is originally Portuguese but has lived in the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands, and travelled around the world. She works mostly in English, but also speaks Portuguese, French, some Spanish, and a little Dutch and Italian.

To schedule a free Discovery Call with Natália click here or email her.

For more information about Natália visit her website and social media:




Natália is member of ACCESS Supportive Networks.

Childbirth Course Utrecht

ACCESS Childbirth course in Amsterdam/Utrecht is taught by Chitra Natarajan.  

Chitra was born and raised in the city of Chennai, Southern India. In her previous avatar, Chitra worked in the corporate world as a Human Resources Manager in India & West Africa. It was her move to The Netherlands from the US and her own birthing experience that propelled her move into the world of Births & Babies.

Chitra is a certified Childbirth Educator, Hypnotherapist, HypnoBirthing®, HypnoMothering®, HypnoFertility® Practitioner and a Podcaster. She recently celebrated 12,5 years (Copper Anniversary) of bringing HypnoBirthing to The Netherlands as one of the first practitioners in the country. Chitra’s podcast, Baby Ahoy, has three seasons of birth stories from The Netherlands for audiences to get a sense of how births can unfold in different circumstances. Chitra is also a HypnoBirthing Infant Massage Practitioner and has a Certificate of Waterbirth Education Approved by the American College of Nurse Midwives.

Chitra has been a partner with ACCESS for over ten years to provide Childbirth Preparation Courses at Amsterdam & Utrecht. As a Childbirth Educator, she brings in all her expertise to ease any apprehensions parents-to-be may have, as well as share with them what they need to know about giving birth in the Netherlands: from what to expect, and how to prepare for their upcoming birth & plan for Postpartum.


Childbirth Educator – HypnoBirthing®& Lamaze™

You can learn more about Chitra by visiting her website:


Childbirth Course Eindhoven

ACCESS Childbirth course in Eindhoven is taught by Anastasia Psaropoulou.

“My name is Anastasia Psaropoulou and I am a midwife, childbirth educator, hypnobirthing coach, baby massage instructor, and lactation consultant.

I have spent over a decade in Greece and the Netherlands helping couples prepare for the adventure of having a baby.

I worked as a freelance midwife in Greece supporting parents who wanted to experience the magic of birth, whether it was completed in the hospital or at home, in water, with or without analgesia. I have been living and working for the last 6 years in the Netherlands in the Eindhoven area. Also from my many years of experience, I know that every couple’s needs are unique. That’s why I offer customized courses that are tailored to your individual needs.

I pride myself on helping parents-to-be confidently navigate the road ahead with confidence and it gives me great pleasure to continue to do so. During pregnancy, birth, and the first few weeks after delivery, I provide families with emotional and physical support. As a childbirth educator I offer evidence-based, unbiased information about the physiology of birth to expectant parents but also mental and birth support.

My goal is to empower every couple to feel prepared and confident for this exciting journey into parenthood, protect and promote their breastfeeding efforts – with advice tailored to their needs and wishes.”

You can learn more about Anastasia by visiting her website and social media:




Childbirth Course The Hague

ACCESS Childbirth Course in The Hague is taught by Meida van Baal. Meida has been raised and educated in California. After earning her Bachelor of Nursing degree, she moved to the Netherlands with her husband and intensively learned Dutch. She started working as a float nurse at various academic hospitals in Amsterdam. Labor and delivery was always her interest, so when she was accepted to work on an Obstetric and Gynecology ward in Amstelveen, she was thrilled. Her husband’s job took her unexpectedly abroad for many years, and it wasn’t until they returned to the Netherlands that she picked up her career again. She did not return to clinical nursing, because she saw a need in helping internationals adjust to being pregnant and having a baby in the Netherlands. She has worked for two years with a maternity organization before expanding her doula business to include kraamzorg services. She is presently the owner of Mitera & Co., which serves expectant families in The Hague and its surrounding areas, providing new families the one-on-one emotional and physical support during pregnancy, birth and the week after.


Certified Doula, Maternity Nurse and Childbirth Educator

You can learn more about Meida by visiting her website:


Childbirth Course The Hague/R’dam

ACCESS Childbirth Course in The Hague/R’dam is taught by Maggie Bijl.  Maggie was born on Earth Day— April 22nd, 1980 in the Midwestern United States.

She is a true Taurus: reliable, practical, ambitious and fiercely loyal.  She is a mom of two beautiful boys, who’s births changed her path and purpose.

Maggie is an experienced yoga teacher with a passion for helping women feel educated and confident throughout pregnancy, birth, postpartum and well into motherhood. Maggie works with women and families in the comfort of their own homes, yoga studios, chiropractic offices, birth centers, and in hospitals.  She is a certified, trained and experienced Natural Fertility, Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Teacher, Birth Doula and Childbirth Educator with a speciality in Pelvic Health.  Maggie has studied and worked in the midwestern United States, Maui, Hawaii and The Netherlands.

You can learn more about Maggie by visiting her website:

Clarity & Mindshift Coach

Welcome to my space at Life Balanz Coaching by Riquina Rodrigues!

Your excitement of embarking on a new adventure, a fresh chapter in your life, in a land of windmills, canals, and vibrant cultural mosaic was and is huge.

The Netherlands beckoned with new beginnings and opportunities with endless horizons, just as it did for me when I arrived in 2018.

Behind the pictured landscapes and welcoming smiles lies a journey that is not always straightforward. Moving to a new country, even one as captivating as the Netherlands can bring a whirlwind of emotions and challenges that often go unspoken.

You feel a profound sense of disorientation, grappling with cultural differences that sometimes leave you feeling like a stranger in your own life.

Embracing your newfound independence and longing for the familiar can lead to moments of self-doubts and isolation. Clarity, confidence, and a healthy mindset sometimes seem just out of reach, leaving you questioning your abilities and value.

I can feel you, as I walked this path myself and you are not alone in this journey.

If you:

  • Are an Expat or international and navigating the intricate tapestry of life in the Netherlands?
  • Want to build a life you fantasized about when you moved to the Netherlands?
  • Want to gain clarity, confidence, and a resilient mindset to thrive in this new chapter of your journey?

I am here to guide expats and internationals like you on a transformative path toward personal and professional growth. I am passionate about being a thinking partner, building bridges, and drilling deep.

  • We will address these challenges head-on.
  • We will work to unlock your true potential.
  • We will enable you to step confidently into each new day and experience
  • You will discover your inner strength
  • You will embrace new opportunities
  • you will thrive in your life – as an expat in the Netherlands too.

About myself:

I am Riquina Rodrigues, a certified Clarity, Confidence, and Mindset Coach. I have guided dozens of clients to a healthy mindset and happy life. Your journey to clarity, confidence, and a resilient mindset starts here.

Please book your discovery call – free of charge.


The Hague area AND online.

You can learn more about Riquina by visiting her website and social media:






Riquina is member of ACCESS Supportive Networks.

Cross-Cultural Consultant

Caitríona Rush is a Cross-Cultural Consultant.  “At Cross-Cultural Consultant, businesses and individuals become more effective & successful when working, living and doing business across cultures.

Whether you’re recently arrived to The Netherlands or have been here for some time I can make your life easier, happier and more effective. Whether you have a job or want to work here, I can empower you to become more successful when working with different cultures. Living and working away from home is exciting and fun. But it can also be challenging and frustrating. I will help you navigate the waters of the Dutch culture. I can teach you about Dutch norms and values be they in the workplace, at home, in the supermarket or the playground. And most important I will provide you with practical, simple to use tools, tips and skills to become more effective when communicating and interacting with the Dutch on all levels. If you’d like to know more about what I do and how I do it please feel free to call me on +31 (0)6 811 33 988 or email me.”

You can learn more about Caitríona Rush and Cross-Cultural Consultant by visiting her website:



View her flyer here.

Caitriona is member of ACCESS Supportive Networks.

First Aid Course

ACCESS First Aid Course is taught by Ingrid Gustafsson-Hilberink.

“I have been trained as a Registered General Nurse in the Netherlands and have worked several jobs before becoming a psychiatric nurse for children for 10 years. When moving to Sweden I specialised in Paediatric nursing. After finishing my studies, I moved to Dubai and then to Portugal. In Portugal I worked as a school nurse from 2015 until I moved back to The Netherlands.

I became a first aid instructor in 2020 and have been teaching staff and students since then (both in Portugal and in the Netherlands). I can teach these courses in Dutch, Swedish and English. Currently I am a fulltime school nurse at the British School in Leidschenveen.”

First Aid Course

ACCESS First Aid Course is taugh by Linda Bosma-Malley.  Linda is a Registered General Nurse in the UK, specialising in Paediatrics. Originally from England, Linda moved to the Netherlands in 1993 where she lives with her Dutch husband and three grown children. Having worked in Neurology as a nurse in the Netherlands and as a First Aid Trainer during her family’s time in South Africa, Linda understands the importance of providing people with the skills and confidence to respond effectively to accidents or sudden illness.

Linda is a registered and certified First Aid Trainer, qualified to teach and assess a full range of first aid courses. She has been providing first aid courses in and around The Hague since 2008 for adults and teenagers from a wide variety of organisations, including schools, day care centres, sporting clubs, scout groups, community and parenting groups. Linda is passionate about teaching people the necessary skills that can make the difference when it really counts.

Interpersonal Communication Trainer/Coach

Shoko Dauwels is a dedicated trainer and coach specialising in interpersonal communication within diverse environments. She empowers individuals to build a solid foundation for communication while actively promoting DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging) principles in group and organisational contexts.

Living and working in a diverse environment offers new and sometimes challenging experiences due to cultural, language, and values differences. Polishing your communication skills and acquiring supporting knowledge can help us feel more comfortable with these differences and foster an appreciation for them. Eventually, we can boost confidence in effectively navigating your work and professional aspects of daily life.

She holds a PhD in Knowledge Science and studied effective aids for adult learners to transfer professional education/training into real-world practice. Since then, she has been actively catalysing her clients to the next stage of their lives through training and coaching.

Her training often adopts behavioural style assessments such as DiSC© and Social Style analysis to help participants obtain an overview of differences and similarities between their own and others’ preferred communication styles. Based on the adult learning framework, she facilitates self-reflection and dialogues with original exercises ranging from quiz to scenario-based roleplay. She is passionate about customising training and coaching programmes for each client to maximise their learning outcome.

Originally from Japan, she has studied and worked in five countries over the last twenty years. After an academic career in Japan, Switzerland, the USA, and Singapore, she transitioned to the training industry. Since 2023, she has served as an educational adviser for training programs on research skills at TU Delft Library. Concurrently, she co-founded Dauwels & Co. BV. with her husband, which specialises in providing organisations with solutions and training in AI and interpersonal communication.

She speaks Japanese and English fluently and has been working hard to improve her Dutch (and a bit of German). She finds joy in comedy and humour, aiming for a daily dose of belly laughs.

You can learn more about Shoko by visiting her website or social media profiles:



Shoko is member of ACCESS Supportive Networks.

Language and Communication Consultant

Ute Limacher-Riebold PhD is a Multilingual Language Consultant and Intercultural Communication Expert at Ute’s International Lounge and offers self-paced online courses at her Academy.

With a focus on multilingualism, language acquisition and intercultural communication, I support internationals and multilingual families find the most suitable strategies to maintain their home languages whilst acquiring and learning others during their international journey, and foster effective communication across cultures. In my consultations, trainings, webinars and online courses (at my Academy), I bridge between research and practice, and offer tailored advice and practical solutions to internationals and parents who raise their children with multiple languages and cultures abroad in the most effective way.

As “a goal without a plan is just a wish” (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry), my personalized SMART Family Language Plan© helps multilingual families find strategies and resources to maintain their home languages and cultures, whilst learning additional ones. I support them define realistic and achievable short and longterm language goals, and maintain a healthy sense of belonging to their cultures (values, beliefs, traditions etc.) during their life “abroad”.

“Effective communication requires mutual understanding and the readiness to bridge linguistic and cultural gaps in a constructive way.”

I co-authored The Toolbox for Multilingual Families and How to raise a bilingual child (available in several languages), and I share educational and practical videos on the topics of raising children with multiple languages, being multilingual across the lifespan, intercultural communication and international life on my youtube channel Ute’s International Lounge. I organize monthly interviews with experts in the field of raising children with multiple languages at Raising Multilinguals LIVE, and share tips about activities and games for multilingual families at Activities for Multilingual Families.


I offer all my services in Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano and Nederlands.

You can learn more about Ute by visiting her website:


Ute is member of ACCESS Supportive Networks.

Life and Adult ADHD Coach

Jacinta Noonan is a Life and Adult ADHD Coach.  She specialises in ADHD Coaching for adults.

She works with people in transition; those yearning for a change, but who are not sure which direction to take. Through her coaching program she helps people rediscover their passions and strengths and then helps them to craft an exciting, fresh road-map, so they can embark on a new journey that aligns with who they really are.

Jacinta is also a specialised ADHD Coach and works with adults who are struggling with feelings of overwhelm, chronic procrastination and stress. Her unique coaching program helps people bring a sense of order and stability back into their lives. 

Jacinta will help you find clarity, get focused and take back control of your life. You’ll leave behind old baggage and start exploring new possibilities. She offers a choice of coaching, training and support groups to help you navigate the next stage of your life.

As well as her coaching certification, Jacinta also has a degree in psychology, is a certified NLP master practitioner and a qualified trainer.

You can learn more about Jacinta Noonan by visiting her website:




Jacinta is member of ACCESS Supportive Networks.

Life coaching with Archery

Jac Rongen does Life coaching with Archery.  Jac has more than 20 years of experience in helping people deal with personal issues through archery. His method is swift and relaxed as the sessions take place in a private park.

Jac feels that the best way to deal with past pain or future anxiety is to focus on the present while learning new skills in archery. This allows one to focus on the here and now rather than on past problems in order to achieve more in the future.  You discover new possibilities and start looking and thinking differently.

Archery is simple: you insert an arrow, inhale and the arrow leaves as you exhale. You get involved with the activity very quickly.  Aware and unaware. 

Archery coaching is very suitable if you do not have time for many long conversations, but want to see solid results quickly.  A few two-hour sessions quickly produces lasting change. It is also possible to shoot in small groups.




You can learn more about Jac Rogen by visiting his website:



Jac is member of our ACCESS Supportive Networks.

Outdoor Life and Career Coach

Bram is a Life and Career coach who works with his clients in the nature around his converted farmhouse near Bodegraven in the Green Heart of the Netherlands. His quiet place in the typical Dutch countryside is only a short distance away from Den Haag, Utrecht, Leiden and Rotterdam.

With his empathetic and supportive approach, he encourages you discover your unique values, to shape your life and career, staying true to yourself.

An outdoor coaching session with Bram, often evolves around questions like:

  • Do you have to make an important choice, but you don’t know what or how?
  • Do you feel lonely and not welcomed by others in the community or this country?
  • Do you want to feel part of a larger community?
  • Do you feel a heavy burden of responsibility in the Netherlands or abroad?
  • Is your life a rat race without a meaningful purpose?

Coaching sessions typically last 1.5 hours, with slowing down being an important part to allow your intuition to emerge. From this calmness, it becomes easier to take small and big steps with confidence in yourself. As a result, you will experience less stress and more freedom. If you experience inner unrest, doubt, or sometimes don’t quite understand why you keep reverting to old habits, then he helps you gain insight into possible causes in a playful and safe manner.

After his 30-year international life and career as leader and coach in a multi-national company, Bram chose to leave his day job in 2020 and to get trained as a professional coach. Nature helps him to relax and slow down. And the people close to him inspire and encourage him to grow and move forward.

You can learn more about Bram by visiting his website or social media profiles:





Bram is member of ACCESS Supportive Networks.

Postpartum Prep. and Recovery

Corinne Laan is a highly experienced practitioner in the fields of acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and grief support, with a specialised focus on women’s health. With an extensive career spanning over 30 years in the healthcare sector, Corinne’s professional journey began as a nurse in the South West of England, following her relocation from her native Mauritius to the United Kingdom during her teenage years.

Her early career trajectory led her to specialise in community public health nursing and maternal care, serving communities across England, Scotland, and later, supporting families of deployed soldiers with the British Forces in Germany. In 2005, Corinne moved to the Netherlands, where she expanded her services incorporating baby massage courses into her practice which she offered via ACCESS, before further diversifying into Traditional Chinese Medicine and coaching.

Today, Corinne’s practice Blissful Tao encompasses a broad spectrum of services aimed at empowering women, particularly mothers, on their journey towards optimal health and well-being. Through her workshops and personalised consultations, she provides invaluable guidance and support to expectant mothers, providing them with the knowledge and confidence needed to navigate the postpartum period with ease and confidence. Her workshop, “Beyond Birth – Everything you need to know for a smooth transition into motherhood,” offers practical insights and advice, fostering a sense of readiness and resilience among mothers-to-be.

In addition to her work in maternal health, Corinne also serves as a grief support companion, offering compassionate assistance to individuals navigating the complexities of loss and bereavement. This service is also extended to mothers who are pregnant after a miscarriage or infant loss as well as those who are trying to conceive and facing the silent grief of fertility challenges. Drawing upon her wealth of experience and expertise, she provides invaluable support and guidance to those in need, helping them navigate the grieving process with self-compassion and resilience. Her book The Art of Grieving – gentle self-care practices to heal a broken heart was published in 2022 by Rockpool Publishing Australia.

You can learn more about Corinne by visiting her websites:

Corinne is member of ACCESS Supportive Networks.

As a qualified Systemic Team Coach and Trainer, I partner with leaders and teams to facilitate learning, growth and transformation for top performance. I help teams recognise and develop their individual and collective strengths as well as helping them understand the underlying dynamics that creates top team performance.

I work closely with the client to develop a tailor-made programme to strengthen the capabilities of the team, on an individual and collective level through a blend of diagnostic tools, team and individual coaching, training and feedback. These initiatives are designed to enhance the skills, capabilities and potential of individuals and team members.

As a Dual Career Specialist, I have extensive experience in delivering group and individual tailor-made career transition programmes for partners of expat employees from abroad for organisations in the commercial, non-profit and education sectors. These programmes support the partner in re-starting their career in the Netherlands after making the difficult decision to leave their job and relocate to a new country. They include a unique blend of individual coaching and career transition training.

More about me:

As a successful business owner for more than 15 years consistently delivering high quality results,  I have more than 13 years of career coaching and training experience.  I am proud to have had my knowledge and experience enriched by an earlier career in corporate HR and Training & Development for more than 10 years.

I am known to have:

  • A passion for helping people develop themselves to reach their full potential
  • Strong relationship management skills, building new relationships across all levels and cultures
  • Excellent entrepreneurial and networking skills

I am known to be:

  • Adaptable and flexible
  • A Strong Team worker (ref. Belbin)
  • Empathic, with excellent listening and communication skills
  • Someone with a good sense of humour!


The greater Hague area.

You can learn more about Teresa Moynihan here (career transition coaching) and here (job search coaching).

You can also visit her website:



Teresa is member of ACCESS Supportive Networks.