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Disclaimer and privacy policy

All the information prepared by Stichting ACCESS is supplied in good faith, and is accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of this publication. However, no responsibility can be accepted by ACCESS or its individual members for errors in information supplied.


We strive at all times to ensure that those who support us are supportive of the community. In the event of any feedback – positive or negative – regarding an ACCESS Partner, Trainer, Advertiser or Volunteer, we ask that these be submitted in writing (letter or email). Positive, and negative, feedback will be noted in our database and shared with the person/service provider in question.

We encourage, in the case of grievances, single or numerous, that our Partners and Trainers attend to the grievance with you and ask in turn that they provide us with feedback on having done so. ACCESS will encourage the service provider to respond to the complaint. However, ACCESS cannot do more than this. ACCESS cannot be held accountable in any way if a solution is not found.

For feedback/grievances regarding the Counselling Service Network please submit your grievance by letter marked ‘private and confidential’ to the CSN Coordinator, ACCESS, Lange Voorhout 12, 2514 ED, Den Haag. The Coordinator will forward the letter to the Ethics Committee. Complaints will be dealt with fairly, sensitively and in confidence. Please note that we are unable to deal with complaints via the telephone or email.

We are aware that differences of language, culture, expectations and forms of communication can often lead to unnecessary misunderstandings and encourage all parties involved in a complaint or grievance to keep this in mind when dealing with such a situation.

At ACCESS we value your privacy

All of our referrals and services are completely confidential. We never sell, exchange, or release your personal information without your consent to any third parties. Personal information includes name, e-mail address, postal address, phone and fax numbers, and any other information you give us verbally or electronically. ACCESS does not monitor individual calls or emails. The only information we collect is general statistics on what type of requests we receive. This information is used to help us meet the diverse needs of the international community using ACCESS services.


ACCESS uses cookies on its website for statistical purposes to help improve the information made available and the user experience through determining details such as reading figures, which pages were visited, etc. A cookie does not collect personal data such as your name, address or if the computer is used by one or more persons. It also cannot spread computer viruses or other harmful programmes.