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Received at our Helpdesk

“You have no idea how you took away all our confusions. We’ve been searching for answers with websites but no luck.”

“Hi there,

I wanted to start off with saying a big THANK YOU for your website and all the information provided. I have recently moved to Utrecht from Melbourne to teach at ISUtrecht (who shared your website) and have constantly referred to your FAQ when in doubt.”

“As always I am deeply thankful for the information and dedication that [ACCESS] helpdesk brings to my life, and I’m sure the lives of many others who have come to live and work in a strange but wonderful new place. Please keep up the good work and caring attitude that you always show!”

“There are not many support teams that would go the extra mile and be extremely helpful as ACCESS helpdesk team. They didn’t just answer the question and provided the help I thought I needed, they understood the problem and gave additional tips, all in nice and friendly manner. Truly an amazing experience.”

“Dear Access helpdesk team, thank you so much for the information – this is a big help.”

Received from past volunteers

“Dear Deborah and all,

I wanted to express my gratitude to both the ACCESS team for supporting us Amsterdam volunteers on this newly born project, as well as the Expat Center colleagues for their friendliness, positive attitude and constant help offering today.

Both Arthur and I (I am sure I speak on your behalf too, Arthur) felt welcome, relaxed and we enjoyed our shift all the way. Like in every new venture, fine-tuning is needed, but, I think, we are all open to learn from each other.

I am looking forward to come back on Wednesday and get a bit more “wisdom” from my experienced Expat Center and ACCESS colleagues.”

Zoe, Past ACCESS Volunteer

Received from corporate clients

“As a company who have been helping international expats for years ourselves we are very happy and proud to support such an great initiative as ACCESS.  They have established a great network of internationals, local companies who are all willing to help each other on a voluntary base in order to provide the best answers to the expat community. We are grateful to be part of this great network.”

FVB De Boer

“As an organisation that focuses on preserving the life stories of expatriates, the Expatriate Archive Centre is familiar with the nuanced challenges people face when they move abroad. ACCESS is an invaluable resource to those new to the Netherlands and those who are interested in the Dutch way of life.”

Kelly Merks, Expatriate Archive