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What we do

In essence, what ACCESS does is provide people, who have experience with relocating to the Netherlands, being expatriated in the Netherlands, to help others navigate the path towards settling successfully in the country. The ‘people’ are ourselves, the volunteers, also expats. We are, in short: expats helping expats. And, in helping others – the community at large – we help ourselves. For working together in a country which is unfamiliar, meeting one another, making friends, creating community and being able to put our skills and talents to work is a large step towards ensuring our own successful settlement in this ‘home away from home’.

Through our Helpdesk in our back-offices we respond to questions from the public. We do the same, but face-to-face, through our Information and Hospitality Officers working from the ‘expat centres’  of The Hague, Amsterdam, Utrecht and Leiden.

Through our Supportive Networks of Counsellors and Trainers we have additional resources for specific support, and through some tailored programmes we can extend our service, knowledge and experience to support those employing internationals.

You can read more about our services and what we do, below.