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Expat groups and clubs

Are there any groups or organisations for expats in the Netherlands?

The international community in the Netherlands is large and expansive. There are numerous interest groups, national club organisations, professional network groups, short courses and programmes in languages other than English. Search for these when you arrive, or even better before arrival, so you can make a plan of activities to help you, the partner also settle into your own routines, find your own interests, make your own life here and meet the people who can support you in the process.

If you are looking to develop your network and interests engaging in useful voluntary work or join social clubs and societies could be a good start. Below is a selection of sites to start your search for groups which appeal to you. If you still cannot find one which suits your needs or interests, click here for more tips on how to build social life and make friends in the Netherlands.

Sourcing clubs & activities
Angloinfo South Holland:
I am Expat:
The Hague OnLine:
Connect International: (North Holland)

Newcomers are encouraged to meet local Dutch people. You might seek those having similar interests and/or experiences. In time, you will be able to meet and connect with your neighbours, your hosts so to speak. Furthermore, we encourage you to subscribe to and read the ACCESS Magazine. Written by internationals, it provides wide-ranging information about the Netherlands. Even if you cannot speak to your neighbours in Dutch, you can learn about this country which will be a great conversation starter. ACCESS Magazines are available free from our website.

How can I build a social life in the Netherlands?