Pets in the Netherlands

Can I bring my pet to the Netherlands?

According to the EU legislation on movement of pets, the maximum number of pet animals (dogs, cats or ferrets) that may be moved for non-commercial purposes cannot exceed five. Depending on the country of origin and destination of the move, different conditions must be met:

Non-commercial movement within the EU

If you move into a member state from another member state make sure that:

  • your pet have an identification tag or transponder (ISO microchip)
  • you have the pet’s passport issued by an authorised veterinarian. Each passport has a unique registration number and contains the name and address of the pet’s owner. It also documents the alpha-numeric code displayed by the ISO microchip, the details of the vaccination against rabies, and where applicable, the details of the treatment against Echinococcus multilocularis (only for dogs that will be moved to Finland, Ireland, Malta, the United Kingdom or Norway)
  • If you are not the owner as specified in the pet’s passport, you will need a written declaration signed by the owner before travelling

Non-commercial movement from non-EU countries

In order to move your pet into a Member State from a non-EU country the following conditions must be met:

  • all conditions mentioned above (ISO microchip, pet’s passport, vaccination against rabies and written declaration of the pet’s owner)
  • on top of the vaccination against rabies, the pet animal (dog, cat or ferret) must undergo a rabies antibody titration test not less than three months before the date of movement
  • be in possession of an animal health certificate completed and issued by an official veterinarian. This should be valid for ten days from the date of issue until the date of the documentary and identity check at the travelers’ points of entry.

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