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Legal matters in the Netherlands

Living abroad is an exciting and amazing experience but, it can also be challenging. While living in the Netherlands your life circumstance may change: you may get married, have a baby, or be faced with the challenges of a divorce, or death of a loved one. All these personal, emotional experiences carry with them certain legal matters which will require attention, and which may differ from your own home country.

We would always recommend seeking professional advice or get legal guidance depending on your personal situation, and you are welcome to contact our Helpdesk for the names of lawyers or notaries in your area.

The Royal Netherlands Notarial Organisation (Koninlijke Notariële Beroepsorganisatie – KNB) has expanded its usual website with an English part explaining various topics of interest to foreigners living in the Netherlands, including the role of the notary in the Netherlands  and finding a notary.You can also contact, or drop by a local branch of the Dutch Legal Desk (Het Juridisch Loket) which can help you with legal questions. (The website is in Dutch, but staff often speak English)