I am an international employer. How can I arrange a pension plan for employees who often move from one country to another?

Almost all pensions are based on the system in a particular country. This is also true for the Netherlands.  There are several ways to arrange a pension yourself, e.g. if you are self employed but when you leave the Netherlands it is not sure if you can continue with it.  For example, a lifetime annuity (lijfrente) is generally considered as an option but getting it paid outside the Netherlands is very difficult due to regulations.

For international employers there are options to arrange an international pension plan. Companies offering this are usually international banks and insurance agencies.  Examples are Swiss Life https://www.swisslife-global.com/corporate/solutions/expats.html and Mercer https://www.mercer.com/what-we-do/wealth-and-investments/defined-benefit-pension-plans.html. These pensions can be called international pensions, mobile pensions or offshore pensions.

Will I be entitled to Dutch state pension (AOW) when I retire?

If you live in the Netherlands at the time you retire, you are entitled to AOW. As you haven’t lived in the Netherlands all the time you will receive a reduced AOW.  If you don’t live in the Netherlands any more when you retire, you may be entitled to AOW if you live in a country that has a treaty with the Netherlands regarding social security. You can check what the regulations are for the country you are living in on https://https://www.svb.nl/en/aow-pension/claiming-an-aow-pension-if-you-live-outside-the-netherlands/deductions-from-your-aow-pension-if-you-live-outside-the-netherlands.