What are the rules for a landlord or rental agent to follow when renting out property?

Landlords and rental agents  should follow certain rules and take care of the tenant’s rights.

The most important rules are: 

  • Landlords and rental agents have a clear procedure as to how the allocation of tenants works and the grounds on which someone is accepted or rejected as a tenant. Any kind of intimidation or physical threatening is forbidden, e.g. it is not allowed to threaten non-repayment of the deposit.
  • The deposit is a maximum of twice the monthly rent and must be paid back within two weeks after the rental agreement has ended.
  • The rental agreement must be put in writing.
  • The landlord or rental agent must inform the tenant in writing about their rights and obligations.
  • Any service fees should be reasonable and permitted by law.
  • If required by the municipality, the landlord must have a licence to rent out a property

Municipalities have the authority to supervise this and take measures if anyone doesn’t follow the rules.

More detailed information about this law can be found on the website of the government (Dutch only).