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I have just arrived in the Netherlands. What are the formalities I need to complete?

Dutch law stipulates that all new residents need to register within five days if they will reside in the Netherlands longer than four months. You must register in your city or town of residence (and change this registration if you move to another city or town). The following documents are usually required when registering at the municipality:

  • Passport (or ID card for EU citizens)
  • Proof of occupancy

The following documents are not required in order to register. Both documents can be presented at a later date:

  • A recently-issued original birth certificate
  • If you are married or your spouse is accompanying you, a recently-issued original marriage certificate

You can find more information about registration procedures for each case in the official website of The Hague. Please bear in mind that other municipalities may state different requirements.

Once registered with the municipality, you will get a burgerservicenummer – BSN (citizen service number). If you are planning to reside in the Netherlands less than four months, you will still need to register in order to get a BSN. Please note that the conditions and procedure to register may vary depending on your individual situation.

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