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Taxes and other formal requirements

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How do I sort out my tax situation?

As I am now leaving the Netherlands, can I get a tax rebate?

The country that I am moving to requires me to provide a translation of official documents which are in Dutch (birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.). How do I do this?

For how long does my passport need to be valid for me to be able to leave and enter another country?

Will I still receive social security benefits when I leave the country?

I have Dutch health insurance. Will I still be covered once I have left the Netherlands?

How can I take my pension to another country when I leave the Netherlands?

Your pension can be split into two parts:

  1. The general old age pension (AOW). If you leave the Netherland, you stop building up your AOW. You will then get a reduced AOW pension when you reach the age at which you are entitled to this benefit. At the time you are retired, you might be able to receive the AOW you built up during your stay here. However, this is only possible if you are living in a country with which the Netherlands has a treaty at the time of your retirement.  For an overview of the current regulations for several countries please look at
  2. The pension built up via your employer. If you leave the Netherlands, you might be able to transfer the pension you built up here to a pension fund in your new country. This is called international value transfer of your pension. It is advised to ask an expert to check if this is possible and if it is beneficial for you. He can also inform you about the steps to take.

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