The COVID-19, coronavirus period is a new one, for us all. There are questions, uncertainties and challenges we are all facing. As the days progress, new ones arise. Our Helpdesk teams are here to help you – responding to questions people have. Questions that not only are health related but also about the situation and what they should do. From employment, unemployment, legal residency, housing etc. For, being impacted are our lives – working and otherwise. Have a question, as an international navigating new circumstances, while living here? We can help: get in touch via our email – helpdesk[at] You can now have a look at COVID-19 related frequently asked questions received at our helpdesk and COVID-19 related articles on our website.

ACCESS has been helping internationals for more than 35 years, free of charge. Our teams, like you, are internationals who also had questions. Now, they are here, for you. 

EMERGENCY and useful numbers in the Netherlands.

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