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What are the emergency numbers in the Netherlands?

Here you can find a list of emergency numbers and other useful contacts:

  • Emergency numbers
  • Police stations,
  • 24-hour medical service
  • 24-hour Gas/Electricity Number

Please note that the the Netherlands country code is 0031.

112 is the emergency number for fire, police and ambulance and so is only to be used in cases of real emergency, when every second counts. This is also the emergency number throughout Europe.


Police stations

For police services first call 0900 8844. You will then be connected to your local police station (


24-hour medical service

Should any of the following numbers not be useful to you, please check on your local free newspapers list after-hours emergency numbers or contact your local apotheek (pharmacy).

Family Doctor

088 0030 600 (Huisartsenpost in Amsterdam area),

070 – 346 9669 (Huisartsendienst in The Hague area)

010-2060300 (Huisartsenpost in Rotterdam Rijnmond – zip 3011 / main office)

010 – 290 9888 (Huisartsenpost in Rotterdam South – zip 3079)

010 466 95 73 (Huisartsenpost in Rotterdam St Franciscus Gasthuis – zip 3045)

0900 1515 (24 hour information on phone numbers for doctors on the areas of ‘t Gooi, Almere, Amersfoort as well as dentists – not all areas)


The following numbers are available 17:00 – 08:00  and answer the phone in Dutch

020-555 8282 (Amsterdam Dental365)

070-204 0010 (The Hague Dental365)

085-105 1760 (Rotterdam Dental365)


Gas, electricity 24-hour number
A 24-hour national number to call for electricity, gas or meter problems, if you suspect a gas leak, smell fumes or have a general power problem: 0800 9009.


Important information

The first Monday of the month at 12:00 noon, emergency sirens are tested. Do not be alarmed. In the event of a real emergency, turn on your television or radio to a local station for further information.

For a list of useful numbers related to counselling and helplines click here.


List of useful numbers in the Netherlands