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What are the emergency numbers in the Netherlands?

In the Netherlands there is no 24 hours medical service. During office hours you can contact your GP. After office hours and in the weekend, every municipality has a so called huisartsenpost that can be contacted for medical problems that can’t wait until your own GP is available again. The service operates at night and around the clock during weekends and public holidays. If you are looking for out of hours doctors in your area, search online by typing in ‘huisartsenpost’ with the place name. The same goes for dentists.  In most cities there are several vets who offer after hours service and some even offer 24 hour service. They are all commercial.  The common rule for huisartsen and  dentists is also for vets. In general you call your own vet if your pet has problems. If he/she is not available, you can call an emergency service.  This is also often listed on the website of your vet.

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