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Winford Bilingual Schools

Winford Bilingual Schools – Experts in Bilingual Education 

If you are looking for a school that helps your child become truly bilingual, curious, independent, with a sense of community and a love for learning – then Winford Bilingual is for you! 

Winford Bilingual Primary School is the only total immersion, dual language Primary School program in The Netherlands. Winford Bilingual is unique in its teaching methods, its varied curricula, and the time spent on both languages. The student population is very diverse with children coming from all around the world, as well as local Dutch families.

The Winford School Group launched Winford Bilingual Amsterdam in 2019. Winford School Group has been running for many years and offers private Dutch Primary and Secondary education in many cities throughout the Netherlands. Bilingual was their “flagship” fully immersive dual language school. Due to the great success of Amsterdam Bilingual, another location opened in Haarlem during 2022. 

We offer authentic bilingual education in Dutch and English.  All subjects are taught equally in both languages – that means 50/50.  Each class has two teachers – one that teaches all the subjects in Dutch and one that teaches all the subjects in English.  It is unique because both teachers give lessons simultaneously throughout the school day. During core subject lessons, the class is split into two sections.  Half of the class will have a lesson with the Dutch teacher, and the other half will have a different lesson with the English teacher.  After the lessons have finished, the children will swap to the other teacher and language.  This happens consistently throughout the day, ensuring the children get used to translating fluidly. 

We follow 3 curricula: The Dutch and the U.K. national curriculum and the International Primary Curriculum. We offer small class sizes, multi-level/mixed age classrooms and flexible holidays.

You can learn more about Winford Bilingual Schools by visiting their website and social media:

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