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Become a Partner

ACCESS is a community based, run organisation in the Netherlands. It has, for over 30 years, through the work of countless volunteers, themselves with expatriate experience, served the international & expat community in the Netherlands. Based in The Hague, today, it continues to serve internationals throughout the Netherlands through its telephone & email Helpdesk, and more personally, internationals in The Hague, Amsterdam, Utrecht & Leiden through partnerships with the expat centres in those cities.

What makes ACCESS unique? We are the clients we serve. Our volunteers, having once been new (or returning) arrivals know like no other what the questions are when arriving in the Netherlands. Our continually renewing pool of volunteers keeps us current on the issues facing internationals in the Netherlands. And, ensures we are frequently consulted resource.

Customer Journey

We are our Customers, we have been on their journey, we respond to inquiries with the knowledge of what is not yet known, or being asked. We are a trusted, confidential & reliable support resource.

  • 38% of our inquiries come from people BEFORE they arrive in the Netherlands – via our website & emails to our Helpdesk
  • In 2018 we personally attended to the inquiries of more than 14,000 thousand internationals through our face-to-face interactions at expat centres, fairs and information events as well as our Helpdesk
  • We have more than 300 Frequently Asked Questions & answers – which cover issues relevant to all stages of ones relocation to as well as settlement and living in the Netherlands – on our website
  • And, something we take pride in, 13.5% of those we help take the time to send us a “Thank you email
  • On average, per year, we offer over 120 internationals an opportunity to contribute their skills, talents and time to serving others as our trusted volunteers
  • Since 1986 we have had two Counsellors-on-call every month, ready to receive calls for help & assistance, and providing referrals to the best suited support. In total confidence.

Join us

Partners, advertisers and ACCESS Patrons can join us on this journey to connect with, serve and be of value to internationals calling the Netherlands home. Our Helping ACCESS document can be seen here, and we encourage you to get in touch with our Public Relations Department if you have any questions or require clarification.