SPEAK is a social tech startup that connects migrants, refugees and locals through a language and culture exchange program, helping them to feel integrated in the city where they have moved to.

Through these events participants learn from each other, explore common interests and make new friends. In this way they break down barriers and tackle prejudice in their cities. The aim is to diminish cultural incomprehension, stereotypes, language barriers and ignorance as all these can lead to xenophobia, unemployment, criminality and many others social problems.

SPEAK’s mission is to integrate citizens by valuing their diversity and by creating mutual support.

SPEAK’s values:

  • Inspiration & Fun – they want to inspire people and want people to inspire them. They love to have people around!
  • Excel – they aim to be the best they can be.
  • Leadership – they want to keep leading the way on how to solve social integration.
  • Purpose – they believe in diversity and in the ability to change the world!
  • Accountability – they never forget their individual roles and SPEAK’s goals.

SPEAK’s causes.

  • Equality.
  • Freedom of speech and thought.
  • Equal rights for migrants.
  • Gender equality.
  • Equal rights for the LGBT+ community.

You can learn more about SPEAK by visiting their website and social media:

Website:  https://www.speak.social/en/





Thanks to the support of our Partners and their belief in our Mission & Vision we are able to serve the international community in the Netherlands.  You can read about how to become an ACCESS Partner here.