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FELIX, de Makelaar van Amstelveen e.o.

Meet FELIX, de Makelaar van Amstelveen, the best real estate agent in Amstelveen  

I am Felix, the real estate agent of Amstelveen and surroundings. What drives me is your happiness.

The world of real estate agents is quite set in its ways and often opaque. It is time for change. As an outsider in the real estate world, I make sure of that.
As a born entrepreneur and experienced retailer, I always put the customer first. And I fought for every order. As a real estate agent, I now do that for you. That is why I make these 7 promises.

These are the 7 promises of Felix:

  • I exceed your expectations
  • I always tell the truth
  • I always put your interest above mine
  • I go to the limit for you
  • I promise that you understand what you are signing
  • I work hard and am reliable
  • I am at your service 24/7. Also in the weekend

Buying or selling a house is not something you do every day. Therefore, let yourself be supported by an expert who really goes for you.

You can learn more about  Felix Makelaar van Amstelveen by visiting the website and social media:







Mob and Whatsapp: +31621969500

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