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Housing in the Netherlands

Our Partners provide useful advice with regards to finding suitable place for yourself, which often appear challenging in the Netherlands. Whether you are interested in buying or renting an apartment or house, we are cooperating with professionals who are able to assist you efficiently and in the most secure way. In addition, many of our partners provide legal consultation about your rights as a tenant and with regards to other issues that arise in housing industry.

The !WOON tenant support agency is funded by the City of Amsterdam. Within Amsterdam !WOON provides professional advice and support for tenants and owner-occupants, confidentially and free of charge.

The #1 company for financing your home abroad. The fastest way to your mortgage in The Netherlands. We have helped thousands of expats from over 75 nationalities and we make you feel at home.

Dedicated to help international people through the entire housing process (buying and renting). Let’s meet and discuss your housing requirements!

Sjouke Jager Vastgoed

Buying a house is a big step and should be fun to do, but buying a house abroad can be difficult.  will make sure you can enjoy every step of the process and help you with all the legal ins and outs protecting you from pitfalls. We know the rules and regulations of the Dutch housing market and will guide you through the entire process protecting your interests. We stand for personal contact and long term relationships! (

STARK will help you with all the details that concern your new home, including the social, structural, financial or legal aspects.