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Housing in the Netherlands

Our Partners provide useful advice with regards to finding suitable place for yourself, which often appear challenging in the Netherlands. Whether you are interested in buying or renting an apartment or house, we are cooperating with professionals who are able to assist you efficiently and in the most secure way. In addition, many of our partners provide legal consultation about your rights as a tenant and with regards to other issues that arise in housing industry.

A&H Finance is specialized in helping expats who want to buy a house in the Netherlands. We guide you through the entire mortgage process. Our aim is that you buy a house which you may enjoy for many years, with a mortgage that fits your personal situation.

A mortgage is more than interest, it is important to have a good financial plan.  The business model of a bank is just to receive interest, a mortgage broker however works in your benefit and has access to all mortgage lenders in the Netherlands. Our advisors have only one goal, to guide you through a mortgage process from A to Z. That means continuous contact through WhatsApp, phone and e-mail. You will have a clear financial advice plan and all insurances organized at the end.  Cooperation with you and two persons of our office on your mortgage is key in our service. We want you to be happy with the mortgage and the service we provide.

A&H Finance as being one of the fastest growing companies of the Netherlands has earned the following awards:

  • The FD Gazelle award in 2022 for the fourth time
  • ‘Best mortgage advice in the Netherlands’ by comparison website in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017

You can learn more about A&H Finance by visiting their website and social media:



With an open mind, you can really start going places.

We are Expat Mortgages. Financial experts who think in terms of opportunities and growth.

We open new doors when we push boundaries together. The doors to your expat adventure, to your dream home, in a vibrant, new city.

Whether you’re new to the Netherlands or just don’t quite feel at home in the world of mortgages, we’re here to help you achieve your goals. Together, on our tested paths or the way that suits you.

Look beyond what you know. Spot the opportunity and move right in! Say “Yes!” to your new life.

What are you waiting for? We get the most out of life when we work together.

Looking for more information about mortgages?
Please follow the link below to choose one of the events from our agenda and get all your questions answered:

Meet the best real estate agent in Amstelveen

I am Felix, the real estate agent of Amstelveen and surroundings. What drives me is your happiness.

The world of real estate agents is quite set in its ways and often opaque. It is time for change. As an outsider in the real estate world, I make sure of that.

As a born entrepreneur and experienced retailer, I always put the customer first. And I fought for every order. As a real estate agent, I now do that for you. That is why I make these 7 promises.

These are the 7 promises of Felix

I exceed your expectations
I always tell the truth
I always put your interest above mine
I go to the limit for you
I promise that you understand what you are signing
I work hard and am reliable
I am at your service 24/7. Also in the weekend.

Buying or selling a house is not something you do every day. Therefore, let yourself be supported by an expert who really goes for you.

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Contact details:

Name: Felix, the real estate agent of Amstelveen


Mob / Whatsapp: +31621969500

FVB de Boer is a leading international broker of expatriate financial services, products, and financial advice. Our financial advisors help expats in the Netherlands and abroad with expat mortgages, pensions, managing of investments, regular savings, taxes, insurances, and much more.

Delivering transparent and dedicated service!

Are you new in town and looking for a house?

MLP Real Estate specialises in helping Expats find their next home.

Get in touch for a free orientation meeting! we can help you with Buying or Renting as well as Selling or Letting your property.

As former Expats (25 years) we know exactly what it takes to get a house in The Netherlands, how to best help you, taking care of the decisions that matter to you. We will advise you on experts in mortgage and notaries.

Professionals & friendly

Available by phone 24/7

English, Español, Nederlands

+31(0)70 216 06 60

Apply for a mortgage at a time to suit you, using our English online mortgage tool. is safe, convenient, independent and affordable – you only pay our fee when we’ve helped you secure your financing.