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Housing in the Netherlands

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I have some issues and contract disputes with my landlord on the room/house that I am renting. Can ACCESS provide me with some legal advice or is there a legal authority that I can go to or consult regarding these issues?

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I am considering buying an apartment. I have heard that I will become a member of a VvE (Vereniging van Eigenaren, Association of Owners). Can you explain what this is and what they do?

What does a notary do in the Netherlands?

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How do I get a loan for buying an apartment or a house?

Are there restrictions on how much I can borrow for my mortgage?

What are the types of mortgages available in the Netherlands?

How can I decide which mortgage is best for me?

How is the interest on my mortgage calculated?

What type of information is required when getting a mortgage?

When do I start to repay my mortgage?

What happens if I find that I can no longer afford to pay my mortgage?

What are the types of housing in the Netherlands?

My landlord doesn’t maintain the house properly. What can I do?

The landlord is responsible for major repairs and maintenance of the rented accommodation. The tenant is responsible for minor, not expensive repairs.You can find an overview of repairs and who is responsible for them on the website of the government. (Dutch only)  If you have a complaint about the maintenance of the house, you have to contact your landlord. It is suggested to do this in writing. If you and your landlord can’t agree about the maintenance, you can go to court or ask the rental committee (huurcommissie) to judge the situation. You can only go to the huurcommissie if your house qualifies as social housing (rent up to a maximum, determined by the government). On the website of the government  you  can find out if your house qualifies as social housing.

If your house qualifies as “free sector” (vrije sector) you can only  go to court. It is suggested to ask  help from a lawyer as the rules as quite complicated. The Juridisch loket can advise you what to do.