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What is kraamzorg?

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What is a 'doula' and what can she help me with?

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Is there a deductible (eigen risico)?

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My residence permit has expired and my application to renew it has been rejected. Can I still get medical help here?

What is a basic Dutch health insurance?

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I have recently moved to the Netherlands and I don't have a BSN number. Is it possible to have health insurance without a BSN number?

I have a Dutch health insurance and would like to change to another insurance company. How can I arrange this?

I am temporarily immobile. How can I arrange help?

What can I do when I am dissatisfied with the medical specialist?

Does the Netherlands offer cancer screening?

The Netherlands has three cancer screening programs  (bevolkingsonderzoek):

  • breast cancer screening for women aged 50 to 75
  • cervical cancer screening for women aged 30 to 60
  • bowel cancer screening for men and women aged 55 to 75

These programs are free and participation is voluntary. You can find more information on