I would like to study or do a short course in the Netherlands. What are the possibilities if I don’t speak Dutch?

There are many opportunities in the Netherlands for you to study or do a short course in English. Nuffic has a database of about 2,000 international study programmes and courses in English ranging from short training seminars to postgraduate degrees. You can find the database on the Nuffic website here.

In addition, many masters’ programmes and higher degrees at the major universities in the Netherlands are taught in English.

I would like to do a study or a short course that is not available in English. However, my Dutch is still at a low level. What can I do?

If this study or course is really important to you, you may consider to follow an (intensive) Dutch course on the level of NT2 (Dutch as a second language). Once you have passed the exam, your Dutch should be good enough to do a study in Dutch. Please keep in mind that it may take at least a year if you need to start (almost) from scratch.

Many universities also offer special Dutch courses or even a bridge year to help you prepare for the study you want to follow. Check with the university of your choice for the options available.

I would like to study online. Is that possible in the Netherlands?

Most courses and studies require that you attend classes on a regular basis in addition to online learning. If you want to do a course which is only online, you could consider following a Massive Online Open Course (MOOC). This is an online course on university level provided by a university in the Netherlands or abroad. Many MOOCs are offered at Coursera.org. You can also choose to enrol in a study or course from an Open University abroad.

I would like to do a study at a medium vocational education level in English. What are the options available?

There is a gap in the Dutch education system for those who would like to follow medium vocational education (MBO education) in English. There are some schools that offer bilingual courses on the MBO level, but most schools do not have a regular programme taught fully in English. Some schools (such as Mondriaan) offer these courses from time to time.

Here are a few examples of programmes offered in English:

1. Mondriaan International Stream
Mondriaan offers an international hotel management course on a pre-bachelor level in The Hague.
Website: www.rocmondriaan.nl/alle-opleidingen/manager-ondernemer-horeca-hotel-engelstalig

2. Summa International
Summa College is an MBO school in Eindhoven that offers international programmes every year, taught completely in English, and has been increasing the number of courses. Website: www.summacollege.nl/en/home

3. MBO Amersfoort
This school offers a fast-track programme for English hospitality entrepreneur/manager education:

We suggest you look at websites for choosing a study track and search for English programmes (www.studiekeuze123.nl, in Dutch). You can also have a look at the MBO schools’ map (www.mboraad.nl/kaart-mbo-scholen, in Dutch) or send us an email and we will check which courses are available.

Are there any facilities for students with special needs (disability, chronic illness)?

Whether you have ADHD, dyslexia, need a wheelchair or have another kind of special need, studying is still possible. All universities and universities for applied science have facilities available for you. It is best to discuss your needs with the university. Together you can decide what is necessary for you to be able to study.