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Education in the Netherlands

Moving to another country means a lot more when you need to consider the education of children. Educational opportunities for internationals in the Netherlands are broad and varied, with several international stream educational institutions available. Some are partially subsidised by the Dutch Ministry of Education, and others are private schools offering different curricula. The decision you make for your child’s or children’s education will be very personal and dependent on a variety of factors such as their age, how long you intend on staying, your budget, etc. Some of the basic questions regarding education in the Netherlands – primary, secondary and tertiary – are answered below (for an overview of what is available, in the Netherlands, we would refer you to Foundation for International Education in the Netherlands):

Dutch school system: descriptions of Dutch primary and secondary education for international children not familiar with the Dutch language, and you will also get to know the principle aims and subjects taught in Dutch schools. Parents interested in bilingual or home education will also find some answers in this section. We provide information on special needs education in the Netherlands, which allows you to find a school or therapist/psychologist that caters specifically to children with special needs. Includes information on after-school activities for children.

International education: this section talks about whether you should send your children to Dutch or international school in case you stay in the Netherlands for a long time, and what types of diplomas are granted in such schools.

Learning Dutch: options for learning Dutch as a second language for different purposes: civic integration, as an additional personal/professional skill or children’s classes.

Higher education: information on studying at Dutch schools (also providing options for those who don’t speak Dutch) and lists available options for studying online, doing secondary vocational education (MBO) or for students in need of special facilities. This section also includes an overview as to where students can get financial support or studiefinanciering (study financing). University and college education (HBO) is also a popular option in the Netherlands, which is why we provide information on diploma evaluation, receiving a residence permit for study purposes and list universities for international students.