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Education in the Netherlands

Moving to another country means a lot more when you need to consider the education of children. Educational opportunities for internationals in the Netherlands are broad and varied, with several international stream educational institutions available. Some are partially subsidised by the Dutch Ministry of Education, and others are private schools offering different curricula. The decision you make for your child’s or children’s education will be very personal and dependent on a variety of factors. Such as, their age, how long you intend on staying, your budget, etc. Some of the basic questions regarding education in the Netherlands – primary, secondary and tertiary – are answered below. For an overview of what is available, in the Netherlands, we would refer you to the Foundation for International Education in the Netherlands.

Here you will also find answers to questions regarding Special Needs Education in the Netherlands as well as where you can find information about after-school activities for children and some answers to Universities in the Netherlands as well as Learning Dutch.