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Volunteering in the Netherlands

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What is the currency in the Netherlands?

Which process should I follow when buying a house?

When does the 30% ruling end?

Can you explain the numbering conventions used in the Netherlands?

What other costs should I consider before buying a house in Netherlands?

What about my savings and investments? Do I have to transfer them to the Netherlands?

How can I open a bank account?

Is it compulsory to have a written contract to buy a house or is a verbal agreement binding as well in the Netherlands?

What are the requirements to open up a bank account?

I have made an offer and signed a ‘contract of sale’ for a house. Can I still withdraw the offer?

Do I need to pay taxes if I bring my own vehicle to the Netherlands?

What are the accounts and services offered by banks?

I am considering buying an apartment. I have heard that I will become a member of a VvE (Vereniging van Eigenaren, Association of Owners). Can you explain what this is and what they do?

What is the bpm?

How does a current account operate?

What does a notary do in the Netherlands?

What taxes will I have to pay in the Netherlands?

What legal services does a notary provide?

How do I use my PIN card?

Are the costs for giving birth covered by my Dutch health insurance?

What types of indirect taxes are there in the Netherlands?

What if I want to use my PIN card abroad?

How much do I pay for a notary service?

What dates does the tax year cover in the Netherlands and when do I need to provide a tax return?

What factors should I take into account before buying a house or apartment?

My employer doesn’t offer any pensions. How can I arrange a pension myself?

How can I get help with my tax return?

What costs are involved in buying a house or apartment?

What is iDeal?

How do I know if I must pay income tax?

Can I pay in a shop by using my mobile phone?

How do I submit my tax return?

What is PSD2?

How to exchange foreign money in the Netherlands?

Can I claim any tax benefits against my declared income?

What is an acceptgiro?

Can I directly invest money in the stock exchange?

Can you give me an overview of the Dutch tax system?

What types of loans are available?

Are credit cards issued by banks to all customers?

What are the steps to start my own business in the Netherlands?

How easy is it to pay using my credit card in the Netherlands?

What is internetbankieren (internet banking) and how to use it?

How do I terminate/dissolve my company?

How can I access my bank details using mobile devices?

What if I have lost my PIN card or had it stolen?

What is a contactless payment?

What is IBAN?

Are contactless payments secure?