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Dual careers in the Netherlands

Want to work in the Netherlands? Perhaps start a business, or continue your education? For the partners accompanying someone on an assignment to the Netherlands there are many opportunities. The days of the ‘accompanying partner’ or ‘trailing spouse’ are increasingly behind us. Dual careers are becoming the norm, and ‘kitchen table discussions’ which take place when a partner has been offered an opportunity in the Netherlands increasingly includes the ‘what about my career’ consideration.

At ACCESS, we know this. Our team of volunteers looking to establish a network, learn/gain skills, build community are a testament to the many ‘spouses’ seeking to become STARS. Successfully Traveled and Relocated Spouses. While some will make the choice to take advantage of the situation – and take a break from their careers to focus on family, or return to their studies, for others some planning, preparation and knowledge about the local market will help.

There are many opportunities for dual career candidates in the Netherlands, and we review a few areas for consideration. For those looking to continue their careers all we can share is, while looking, becoming involved in the community will not only extend and expand your local network, it will also provide you with something else to do beyond the ‘house, spouse, kids’ continuum. Make the most of it.

We are indebted to, and appreciative of the efforts of many volunteers – past and present – who work on researching the answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive about relocating to and living in Holland/the Netherlands; and our partners who double check our research. For the most recent review/update of FAQs related to Dual Careers & Starting a Business we thank: ACCESS Volunteers – Mike Meeles and Julija Bogoeva, and ACCESS Partners  – Moynihan Consulting  and colleagues at