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What we offer

Volunteering for ACCESS is a rewarding way of using your existing skills and adding to your experience during your stay in the Netherlands. Furthermore it provides you with an opportunity to meet people, create community and give back.

What are the benefits?

  • Work in a professionally-run, international organisation
  • Provide support to the international community in the Netherlands
  • Develop interpersonal skills
  • Improve existing skills while learning new ones
  • Be a part of a creative team
  • Use spare time constructively helping others
  • Benefit from our extensive resources
  • Meet new people and develop your network

What ACCESS volunteers are saying about volunteering at ACCESS:

ACCESS has been a turning point in my new life in the Netherlands. Thanks to ACCESS, I have regained my self-confidence which I lost because of burnout and panic attacks. I have started to feel useful and confident, again. And the best part is that I have met perfect people and gained very nice friends. That’s why, I appreciate every moment of this volunteering experience and it will always be very special for me.

Pelin Ozdemir Tasdelen (April 2024)

My ACCESS involvement allows me to use my competences; analysing, empathising, and organising events.
Roy Lie-A-Tjam

My interest in multicultural issues is one reason I began volunteering with ACCESS. The organisation shows how a diverse workforce can work successfully and effectively.

Christine Fischer

  If you are new and have nobody to help you, help yourself. I looked for help and found ACCESS. Now I have more expat friends than Dutch friends.

Queendolly Verhoeve

Coming to ACCESS is always a pleasure as it means meeting other volunteers and doing interesting work. When I can’t come to the office in a particular week I miss ACCESS!

Genoveva Geppaart

ACCESS is my family away from home – and I continuously get to develop my skills.

Carina Hyllested

Joining ACCESS made me look at my own country from a foreigners point of view and this has enlightened me in many ways.

Wendy Fossen