Support ACCESS

There are many ways that you, the community, at large, can support the work we do.

As individuals or grass-roots organisations – by letting people know about our FAQs about Relocating to, Housing, Living, Education/Learning and Healthcare in the Netherlands, as well as about the answers and suggestions we have for partners accompanying someone to work in the Netherlands. What was traditionally referred to, as the ‘ trailing spouse’  is no longer language to capture who these individuals are today: we prefer the term Dual Careers to address them and show what is possible, and what the opportunities are in the Netherlands.

As service providers – with services and products of relevance and need within the international community we invite you to consider becoming a Partner, or advertiser to support the work of our Magazine.

As employers – your support means we can continue to serve not only your international staff, and their families, but we are here to assist your own Human Resources Departments, and complimenting the work they do to ensure each relocation is a succesful one. That each investment in that relocation is capitalised upon. For details on how we can work together we invite you to contact our Director.