Getting married in the Netherlands

What types of relationship contracts are there in the Netherlands for couples?

What is the Dutch law on matrimonial property?

Unless stipulated otherwise with a prenuptial agreement, marriage automatically takes place in ‘general community of property’ meaning that that all property and debts are equally shared between the spouses, including assets obtained prior to the marriage, inheritances and gifts.
A prenuptial agreement may be made before the marriage. This must be drafted by a notary and entered in a matrimonial property register at the municipality where the marriage notice is placed. It is also possible to make a postnuptial agreement during the marriage.

My partner and I would like to have a religious marriage. What are the steps involved?

What is the difference between marriage and registered partnership?

What are the steps to be followed and the costs to get married in the Netherlands?

What are the requirements to get married in the Netherlands?