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How can I open a bank account?

What are the requirements to open up a bank account?

You are advised to check with the local branch of your chosen bank for their specific requirements. The usual requirements are:

  • proof of identity (passport or identity card)
  • official proof of address, such as a tenancy agreement
  • your burgerservicenummer – BSN (citizen service number) In case of a delay in the registration process, ABN AMRO and Bunq offer the possibility to open an account without a BSN and provide it within 90 days. You can find more information about the procedure for Bunq on
  • proof of your income, unless you are only opening a spaarrekening (savings account). Your contract of employment or three consecutive pay slips will be accepted by most banks as proof.

A valid phone number (preferably a Dutch number) for communication purposes if you are staying for more than four months. As a new client, the bank may wish to check your credit history. Hence, the bank may instigate a credit check and register you with the Bureau Krediet Registratie – BKR (Central Credit Registration Agency).

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