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I received a letter from a debt collector. What are my rights?

When you haven’t paid a bill in time, the creditor  can decide to ask a debt collector  to get the money from you.  Such a company is called incassobureau.   When you get a letter with such an a  request, you should  do the following:

  • check if the bill is justified. If you think the bill is not correct, send a registered letter explaining why you think it is wrong and ask for proof.  The agency is obliged to explain  each item on the bill
  • collect all letters and replies, including your own letters.
  • ask legal advice if necessary. Your legal aid insurance can help . If you don’t have one, you can contact the Juridisch Loket at

A debt collector  is not allowed to:

  • contact you between 8 pm and 7 am, on Sundays and official holidays (such as Christmas, Easter, Whitsun and King’s Day)
  • use unfair pressure
  • make an attachment (beslag leggen in Dutch)
  • serve a  summons  (dagvaarden  in Dutch)

A debt collector is obliged to have a complaints procedure.