Banking in the Netherlands

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How can I open a bank account?

What are the requirements to open up a bank account?

What are the accounts and services offered by banks?

How does a current account operate?

How do I use my bank PIN card?

What if I want to use my PIN card abroad?

What if I have lost my bank card or had it stolen?

What is a contactless payment?

Are contactless payments secure?

Are credit cards given by banks to all customers?

How easy is it to pay using my credit card in the Netherlands?

What is internetbankieren (internet banking) and how to use it?

How can I access my bank details using mobile devices?

What is the currency in the Netherlands?

Can you explain the numbering conventions used in the Netherlands?

How to exchange foreign money in the Netherlands?

What is an acceptgiro?

Acceptgiro’s (bank giros) are a widely-accepted method of payment in the Netherlands and has been used by businesses and domestic users for decades. Because the giro is still a popular means of payment, it has been updated to enable the IBAN code to be used. The IBAN code, which stands for ‘International Bank Account Number’, has been introduced to standardise the identification of bank accounts internationally. In the Netherlands, the IBAN reference number consists of your current bank account number preceded by the country code NL, a 2-digit control number and the (abbreviated) name of your bank. For example: NL89-BANK-0123-4567-89.

Giro bills are generally paid by bank transfer, also known as the giro system. This is commonly used to pay regular bills (e.g. for water and power). You receive an invoice and an acceptgiro form from the company concerned, sometimes with the payment details already filled in. You add your signature and fill in the number of your bank or ‘giro’ account and mail the form back to your bank. You can also drop your giro directly in the dedicated letterbox at the bank. Many banks are now encouraging their customers to pay the bank giro via electronic transfer through their internet banking facility.

Can I directly invest money in the stock exchange?

What types of loans (leningen) are available?