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STET The English Theatre

Stichting The English Theatre (STET) was founded in 2006 as a receiving house for professional English spoken theatre makers from around the world. Their performances mostly take place in Het Nationale Theatre or in unexpected outdoor places in The Hague.

It has an education department that offers exciting workshops and plays for children and young adults of all ages throughout the Netherlands. Theatre education is a proven way of non-formal learning, it builds confidence, develops creativity, fosters empathy and effective interactions with others, among other soft skills. Students acquire lifelong skills through theatre education.

STET’s high-quality theatre workshops and performances are successful because they work with professional actors and educators who have a real passion for their work and are keen to impart their knowledge. They highly value direct contact with teachers, students and audience members.  Its yearly programme consists of traditional British shows as well as contemporary performances. They often provide after show talks Spotlight Talks, bridging the gap between audience members and theatre makers.

STET aims to become a place for connections, inspiration, gathering experiences in a unique and stimulating environment among audiences, artists and communities.

You can learn more about STET The English Theatre by visiting their website and social media:





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