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I am not a Tourist

I am not a Tourist organizes fairs and events for the international community living, working and studying in the Netherlands. 

For those not familiar with their events, the “I am not a Tourist” Expat Fair is the biggest expat-oriented event in the Netherlands. There you will learn everything you need to make your life in the Netherlands take-off such as setting up a bank account, doing your taxes and finding a school or university. You will also find cultural information about your new life in the Netherlands and obtain networking opportunities.

Their fair programmes include presentations, entertainment and workshops by specialists, hands-on experts, and expats. All arranged around the themes of housing, transport, setting up home, finance, healthcare, relocation, employment, families, education and groups & clubs.

It is all about enriching your life in the Netherlands!

You can learn more about I am not a Tourist by visiting their website and social media:





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