Dutch News

DutchNews.nl provides Dutch news and current affairs in English for an international audience. Some 70,000 people read our news every day, either online, through our daily digital newsletter or via our social media channels. It is an independent company founded in 2006 and based in Amsterdam.

Our aim is to provide broad coverage of the main news in the Netherlands so that non-Dutch speakers are kept up to date with events. This means we cover all sorts of news, from politics and economic developments to crime and sport as well as the quirks of Dutch culture. We aim to tell the big news stories and report on important changes our readers need to know so they are aware of major events which may affect their lives. Our news copy is based on our own research, media coverage, press releases and Dutch newspaper articles and we try to credit and link to our sources as much as possible. We see our job not only to inform but to explain current events in the Netherlands, so we try to include background where relevant.

You can learn more about Dutch News by visiting their website and social media:

Website:  https://www.dutchnews.nl/




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