City of Delft

Located in the southwest of the Netherlands, the picturesque town of Delft is only an hour train ride from Amsterdam, the capital. It is centrally located between Rotterdam and The Hague and is easily accessible by public transport and car.

Delft is known first and foremost for its signature blue-and-white Delft Blue pottery. In addition to its namesake Delftware, the city was also the birthplace of Johannes Vermeer, a painter from the Dutch Golden Age who was best known for his work depicting women in everyday domestic scenes, most notably the mysterious Girl With The Pearl Earring.

Delft has a reputation for being a friendly city; bars and terraces along the canals and on the city squares, quirky shops, affordable restaurants and great cinemas. It is easy to find your way around as everything is close together. Delft is bursting with activity from spring right through to autumn, including music festivals and street theatre.

The municipality of Delf will provide you with practical information about living, working and studying in Delf as well as all the formal details you need to take of before starting your new life in this picturesque city.

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