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City of Amstelveen

The city of Amstelveen has been a welcoming city for internationals for several years.

Amstelveen’s strategic location in relation to Amsterdam and Schiphol airport forms an important part of its identity. The combination of attractive housing and a pleasant living environment has been the primary factor encouraging (international) businesses, creative and financial services to settle in Amstelveen. Housing in Amstelveen is of a very high quality and the price/quality ratio is reasonable.

Amstelveen is proud of its many green spaces. The town is famous for the Amsterdam Forest, the botanical gardens, peat lakes and the large and small ‘Poel’. The town has a good range of sports facilities covering a variety of sports at all levels, and actively encourages participation in top level sport.

Amstelveen offers a wide range of top-quality educational facilities at both primary and secondary school level. The International School of Amsterdam, Amity International School, the Korean School and the Japanese Kindergarten are also key assets. Along with the universities in the region and the higher vocational education institutes in Amsterdam, an appealing and comprehensive range of educational facilities is on offer.

The municipality of Amstelveen publishes a booklet with recent facts and figures about various matters relating to the area. It is available in both Dutch and English and can be obtained from the Public Services department.

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