Amsterdam International Community

Founded in Amsterdam and run by globally curious people, Amsterdam International Community (AIC) is the most authentic and active international community platform in the Netherlands.

AIC founders are internationals who came to the Netherlands for work and are proud to now call this place ‘home’. Motivated by their experiences and an urge to learn about the world, they created this space for internationals to meet, with the vision of building a community platform as a center-point to support international people’s every-day needs.

Since 2017, AIC organizes various social events and information sessions and shares useful tips to support expats and locals who enjoy living in this cosmopolitan city. They are known for creating frequent and diverse events designed to promote a space with good vibes that allows people to feel appreciated and to make expat life a pleasant experience.

Their events are hosted weekly at various locations in the city, always in a friendly and welcoming environment. Personal attention is key for them. When joining their events, their hosts will personally welcome and introduce guests to each other.

They are open, diverse and united by their common goal to share fun!

You can learn more about Amsterdam International Community by visiting their webpage:

Thanks to the support of our Partners and their belief in our Mission & Vision we are able to serve the international community in the Netherlands.  You can read about how to become an ACCESS Partner here.