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Renting a house in the Netherlands

How can I avoid scams when looking for a rental property?

What are the standard practices for renting via a makelaar (real estate agent)?

In general, the minimum rental period for an unfurnished dwelling is one year, but sometimes a shorter lease is possible.
It is also standard that the tenant will get a diplomatenclausule (diplomatic clause). This means that if, on account of his/her work, the tenant will be transferred to a place 50 km or more removed from the premises or if he/she has to leave the premises for reasons beyond his/her control, the tenant is entitled to terminate this agreement prematurely. In this case, the tenant has to give the owner one to two full calendar months’ notice.

Rent is due the first week of each month, and you pay it either directly to your landlord or to an agency that operates between you and the landlord.

Legally, the length of time required to terminate your contract is equal to the regular time period for which you pay your rent. For example, if the rent is paid every month, then the termination period for your contract is also one month. The period of termination may not be less than one month or more than three months.

When you sign the lease on a property, you must pay one month’s rent in advance as a deposit or a bank guarantee will be needed when renting a house. This amount is refunded if the house is in a satisfactory condition at the end of your stay.

You must also pay approximately one month’s rent (plus VAT) to the real estate agent as a fee for helping you find the property. This is not refundable.

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