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Renting a house in the Netherlands

How can I avoid scams when looking for a rental property?

What are the standard practices for renting via a makelaar (real estate agent)?

What is the process of finalising the deal while renting a property?

I have rented a house and some repairs are needed. Who is responsible for this: the landlord or I?

How about taking possession?

What should I do when I want to hand the property back to the landlord?

I have some issues and contract disputes with my landlord on the room/house that I am renting. Can ACCESS provide me with some legal advice or is there a legal authority that I can go to or consult regarding these issues?

I have signed my rental contract but I realise only now that some things in the contract are not fair. What can I do about it?

The contract is in my partner’s name and she/he is leaving the Netherlands. May I continue living in the house?

How can I get water, electricity and gas connections?

How can I get connected to telephone, Internet and TV?

In the Netherlands, telephone, Internet and TV are available digitally and/or via cable. Many providers offer bundles of all three services. It is important to bear in mind the length of your stay and your location, as not all providers have a complete country network. Satellite television is also an option, but you need to fix a satellite dish in the right direction and there are regulations covering this

For both landline and mobile telephone, there are several providers offering subscriptions. For mobile phones, you can also choose for a prepaid option instead of a subscription but they are usually more expensive. Top-up cards can be bought at most telephone stores and supermarkets. It is also possible to top up your prepaid credit via the Internet and by phone. Nowadays, if you have a subscription with a mobile company in an EU country you can use internet and phone calls at the usual rates. Calls within the EU have no roaming costs anymore.

It is advisable to compare price, quality and always read the small print. You can compare tariffs and conditions at the following websites:

  • For All-in-1 bundles & Internet+phone subscriptions visit: (in Dutch only)
  • For a comparison of prices of different providers visit: (in Dutch only) or

For your information 0800 numbers are toll free; 0900 numbers are charged (per call or minute).

Are there any special rules for collecting household waste?

My landlord doesn’t maintain the house properly. What can I do?