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Renting a house in the Netherlands

How can I avoid scams when looking for a rental property?

In general, it is most safe to rent via an organisation that is a member of the Dutch association of estate agents (Nederlandse Vereniging van Makelaars known – NVM). If you consider renting via an unaffiliated makelaar (real estate agent), the following tips can help:

  • Does it sound too good to be true? Then it probably is
  • Avoid landlords who only offer an email address, a mobile phone number and/or a Facebook page. Ask for a business address or a residential address, check the person or company via the internet and check the ID. Be aware that ID’s sent via email can be fake
  • Visit the property before accepting it. If you can’t do this by yourself because you are abroad, ask somebody else to do it on your behalf
  • Check who owns the house/apartment via the kadaster (property register) at (mainly in Dutch). In order to obtain the information, a small fee has to be paid. If the landlord and the owner are not the same, ask for a written explanation that the landlord/agency is acting on behalf of the owner
  • Before paying your landlord, make sure the keys work
  • Pay by bank. If this is not possible, make sure you have a receipt signed by the landlord. When you pay in cash, consider recording the conversation via your mobile phone
  • Keep a file of all emails and other document
  • If your landlord doesn’t allow you to register with the municipality at that address, he is most likely doing something illegal

Not sure? Have further questions? Consult here the different organisations that offers the latest updates on rules and regulations as well as legal advise.

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