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Renting a house in the Netherlands

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How can I get connected to telephone, Internet and TV?

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My landlord doesn’t maintain the house properly. What can I do?

Are there any rules about the amount of rent I have to pay?

The Dutch government has set rules for the maximum rent for social housing and  mid-range rental property.

Your home gets points. For:

  • the surface area of ​​the house;
  • the size of the kitchen;
  • if you have a shower or a bathtub ;
  • which rooms can be heated and/or cooled
  • energy efficiency (energy performance);
  • the WOZ value. That is the value of your home for taxation purposes. The municipality determines that value every year.

The total number of points determines the maximum rent of your social or mid-rent home  (Dutch only). The more points, the higher the rent.