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Mortgages in the Netherlands

How do I get a loan for buying an apartment or a house?

Buying residential properties, e.g. an apartment or a house in the Netherlands, can be expensive. Therefore, unless you have a large amount of savings, you will probably need to take out a loan or mortgage with a lender to enable you to purchase your property. Even if you are only temporarily living in the Netherlands, it may be practical to purchase a property as your home during your stay. You will then have the option to either sell or rent out the property when you leave. If you want to rent your property out, you need permission of your bank. The type of hypotheken (mortgages) that you will be entitled to access will depend on your income level. The banks offer a wide range of mortgages but these are the elements that you should consider:

  • the amount you borrow (the capital)
  • the amount of interest you pay on the loan
  • the duration or ‘term’ of the mortgage

By considering these three factors, you need to decide the most appropriate method for you to repay the loan. All the major Dutch banks provide mortgage lending facilities for individuals wishing to purchase a residential property.

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