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Primary and secondary education

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What are the principle aims of Dutch primary school education and what subjects will my child be taught?

The Dutch government has set kerndoelen (attainment targets) which define what children are expected to have acquired in the way of knowledge, understanding and skills by the end of primary school. Whilst these attainment targets describe in general terms the skills and knowledge a child must have acquired, the referentieniveaus (benchmark levels) for mathematics and language specifically prescribe the degree of proficiency that a child must attain in any given year of schooling.

The core curriculum for all basisscholen (primary schools) must include the following subjects:

  • Dutch
  • English (from group 7 on- 10/11 years years old)
  • Arithmetic and mathematics
  • Social and environmental studies (including, for instance, geography, history, science – including biology, citizenship, social and life skills – including road safety, healthy living, social structures – including political studies, and religious and ideological movements)
  • Creative expression (including, for instance, music, drawing and handicrafts)
  • Sports and movement.

Schools are free to offer other subjects such as French, German or religious studies, but these subjects are not required by law.

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