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Team Coach & Dual Career Specialist

As a qualified Systemic Team Coach and Trainer, I partner with leaders and teams to facilitate learning, growth and transformation for top performance. I help teams recognise and develop their individual and collective strengths as well as helping them understand the underlying dynamics that creates top team performance.

I work closely with the client to develop a tailor-made programme to strengthen the capabilities of the team, on an individual and collective level through a blend of diagnostic tools, team and individual coaching, training and feedback. These initiatives are designed to enhance the skills, capabilities and potential of individuals and team members.

As a Dual Career Specialist, I have extensive experience in delivering group and individual tailor-made career transition programmes for partners of expat employees from abroad for organisations in the commercial, non-profit and education sectors. These programmes support the partner in re-starting their career in the Netherlands after making the difficult decision to leave their job and relocate to a new country. They include a unique blend of individual coaching and career transition training.

More about me:

As a successful business owner for more than 15 years consistently delivering high quality results,  I have more than 13 years of career coaching and training experience.  I am proud to have had my knowledge and experience enriched by an earlier career in corporate HR and Training & Development for more than 10 years.

I am known to have:

  • A passion for helping people develop themselves to reach their full potential
  • Strong relationship management skills, building new relationships across all levels and cultures
  • Excellent entrepreneurial and networking skills

I am known to be:

  • Adaptable and flexible
  • A Strong Team worker (ref. Belbin)
  • Empathic, with excellent listening and communication skills
  • Someone with a good sense of humour!


The greater Hague area.

You can learn more about Teresa Moynihan here (career transition coaching) and here (job search coaching).

You can also visit her website:



Teresa is member of ACCESS Supportive Networks.