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Mission, Vision & Values

ACCESS is an independent not-for-profit organisation serving internationals to successfully settle in the Netherlands. The ACCESS vision is to provide unique, comprehensive and essential services nationally, through the expertise and experience of its volunteer expatriate community.

Our organisational values

We provide guidance

We draw on our collective knowledge and experience to guide others. Offering empathy and helping to manage the expectations of people arriving to live and work in a new country and culture. Our supportive resources are objective, tested and trustworthy. Our support provided in confidence.

We foster cultural diversity

We respect the diversity of our community and appreciate that the guidance we provide must come from a place of creating understanding for the country of destination. English is the language which unites us, but does not define us. In dialogue and actions we practice respect for differences and recognise the need to build bridges. We are courteous and treat people with dignity.

We facilitate connections

Through the volunteers we recruit, train and respect with professional courtesy we provide a community within which, and from which connections are made. Our activities and the events we participate in contribute to extending our spirit of co-operation and collaboration. We welcome partnerships with others who share our vision. We work in teams and mentor one another.

We encourage growth

Personal development is at the core of what we do. For our volunteers, the community we serve and the organisations we are partners with. Our growth is defined not by more, but by improvement and extending the service we provide to individuals, civic organisations, government services and corporate employers.