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Tax in the Netherlands

Can you give me an overview of the Dutch tax system?

What taxes will I have to pay in the Netherlands?

What types of indirect taxes are there in the Netherlands?

On top of the direct taxation for individuals, there are also various indirect taxes charged by the Dutch government. Below are some of the main taxes which are likely to affect you:

  • Tax on the value of goods and services sold to you that is Btw-belasting toegevoegde waarde (VAT). This is levied at either 9% or 21% depending on the nature of the goods or services
  • Excise duty is levied on goods which contain alcohol, tobacco or on fuels such as petrol, diesel or Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
  • Consumer tax is applied to some alcohol-free drinks, for example: fruit juices and vegetable juices, mineral water and beverages such as lemonade
  • Taxes on purchasing or importing private cars and motorcycles whilst living in the Netherlands

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