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Tax in the Netherlands

Can you give me an overview of the Dutch tax system?

What taxes will I have to pay in the Netherlands?

What types of indirect taxes are there in the Netherlands?

What dates does the tax year cover in the Netherlands and when do I need to provide a tax return?

How can I get help with my tax return?

How do I know if I must pay income tax?

How do I submit my tax return?

You can get a paper tax form sent to you by contacting the Belastingdienst (Tax authorities) information line for residents on  (055) 538 53 85 or on 0031 55 538 5385 if calling from outside the Netherlands. Alternatively, you can download the form from the Belastingdienst (Tax authorities) website on

To file a return, you will need to use the online DigiD service. DigiD (pronounced ‘didjidee’) stands for digital identity. It is a system shared by government agencies that they can use to verify your identity. You can find more information here.

If you find the whole process of providing a tax return too challenging, you can pay for a Dutch tax consultant to complete and return your tax declaration on your behalf.

Particularly in the year of arrival and the year of departure, filing a tax return may result in a substantial rebate. Tax returns can be completed retrospectively for a period of five years.

Can I claim any tax benefits against my declared income?

What about my savings and investments? Do I have to transfer them to the Netherlands?

When does the 30% ruling end?

Do I need to pay taxes if I bring my own vehicle to the Netherlands?

What is the bpm?

Which municipal taxes do I have to pay?