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Netherlands death registration

What are the legal aspects to take into account when registering a death in the Netherlands?

Which documents are needed for registering a death?

What to do in order to repatriate the body of a family member?

Do I need to make a Dutch will whilst I live here or is the will I made in my home country valid?

If you are not a Dutch citizen and you already have a will that was made according to the laws of the country in which it was drawn up, in principle, the will is also valid in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is party to the Convention Providing a Uniform Law on the Form of International Will and usually recognises wills drawn up in another country. However, one of the conditions required is that the will has been drawn up in keeping with the law of that country. Verbal wills are not valid in the Netherlands.

It is advisable to consult a Dutch notaris  (notary) who is familiar with the registration and execution of foreign wills so that he/she can check whether the contents of the will conflict with Dutch law.

The will is then filed with the Central Register of Wills (Centraal Testamentenregister), and you will be assured of its recognition and validity in the Netherlands.

If you want to make a will in the Netherlands and decide who is going to inherit your estate and other possessions you can do so only in the presence of a Dutch notary.

May I disinherit my child or my partner in my will?

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