Transportation Netherlands

How does the OV-chipkaart work?

What types of OV-chipkaart are there?

Can I travel by public transport if I don't have an OV-chipkaart?

How can I find out which tram, bus or train I need and the departure times?

How can I go to the railway station or from the railway station to my destination?

What kinds of tickets are available for the train?

It seems that everybody is biking in the Netherlands. Where can I buy a bike for myself?

What kinds of bikes are available?

The most common type of bicycle is the omafiets (grandma bike). However, you will see a lot of other types of bikes, including the following: stadsfiets (city bike), sportfiets (sport bike), elektrische fiets (electric bike), bakfiets (cargo bike), and mopeds.

Grandma bikes and city bike  are most often used for everyday trips, including going to school and/or work, and running errands around town while a sport bike is a more convenient bicycle for longer trips.

An ATB (All Terrain Bikes) is most convenient for those who bike on difficult terrain. A special type of ATB is the MTB (mountain bike), which is not often used in the Netherlands because of its flat terrain, but it is convenient for cycling in the mountains.

An electric bike offers the possibility to get trapondersteuning (electric support while cycling). It is especially useful when it is very windy because you do not require as much strength for pedalling. Trapondersteuning means that you have to bike yourself, but the electric motor will support you. Depending on the type of electric bike, you can choose between no support, little support, average support or a lot of support.

A moped is a bicycle with an auxiliary engine. In the Netherlands, there are two types of mopeds. A snorfiets has an engine capacity of 50cc or less and can reach a maximum speed of 25 km/h. Helmets are not required and it has a light blue licence plate. A bromfiets rides on the roadway and can reach a maximum speed of 45 km/h. They have a yellow licence plate. By law, children younger than 8 years old can be passengers on a moped only when they are provided with a proper, safe seat that gives them adequate support for their back, hands and feet. It is not permitted to hold a mobile phone while operating a moped.

Cargo bikes or bakfietsen are transport bikes with three wheels and a large front bucket. It is common to see parents transporting children around because the box is low to the ground making it is easier to transport more weight.

There are also four-wheeled vehicles, but they are not allowed on bike paths and have to follow the same rules as mopeds. They look like small automobiles and must have an overall weight of less than 350 kg (excluding the weight of the battery in electric vehicles). They can reach a maximum of 45 km/h and can be distinguished by their small size and a 45 km/h sticker that is displayed on the back of the car.

I have hardly any knowledge of biking. How can I learn to bike?

Are there any special traffic rules for cyclists?

What is the minimum age to ride a moped in the Netherlands?

Are there any special traffic rules for mopeds?